STYLE|| Basic Guide To Thrift Shopping In Nigeria

Hello, beauties!!! It's Monday and I am excited about the new week because it's an opportunity for me to correct the mistakes of last week and to plan ahead for the fresh week. Today, I want to talk about thrift shopping better know as 'Bend Down Select' in Nigeria. We all know that times are... Continue Reading →

STYLE|| 11 Interesting Facts About Handbags That You Never Knew

We all love handbags!!! It is almost impossible for any lady to step out without a handbag or a purse. I am sure I would not be exaggerating if I say it is the most have accessories of the female folks. A beautiful handbag/purse compliments your style and has the ability to define your look.... Continue Reading →

STYLE|| 5 Modern Ways to Wear A Brooch

Hello, ladies!! I am still adjusting to owning a blog so for now, I am just putting up contents that I already penned down somewhere before now. The current stat on the blog is really an encouragement for me. Thanks, guys I am super elated. It’s very funny how I can be very busy about... Continue Reading →

SKINCARE|| 10 Makeup Must Have For Beginners

If you are relatively new to makeup, you might probably be wondering what are the most important makeup item you need to achieve that flawless simple look. As a beginner, makeup might be intimidating because there are whole lots of products available and it might be a little confusing making the right choice. Well, I have... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY|| Get To Know Me Tag (Updated Version)

Today I decided to do a TMI (too much information) tag post, I've to answer 50 random questions, I stumbled on it on a blog and I decided to go for it. Let’s do this!!! 1. What are you wearing? A patterned dress 2. Ever been in love? Yes 3. Ever had a terrible breakup? No 4. How... Continue Reading →

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