You Are My Valentine

No need to say be by Val, you already know you are. We don’t need a fixed date to show our feelings to the people that matter the most to us. Everyday is valentine let that special person know how you feel about them. Remember it’s the little things that matter the most. Do something special for that special person in your life today.  My candid opinion is that we shouldn’t wait till valentine to display love. If you genuinely love someone you will show it in kinds and actions. Giving gifts is just one aspect of showing love.

I didn’t have any intention of doing a post today because valentine to me is like anyone day because I display my love to all that matters to me everytime I have the opportunity but as soon as I stepped into the super Mart yesterday trying to get toiletries for myself, I immediately noticed that the mall was unusually full with ladies especially. You need to see the number of ladies at the mall yesterday trying to shop for #Leboo. There and then it occurred to me that ladies find it very difficult to buy stuff for their significant half and when they eventually want to, they don’t know what to buy. To confirm my conclusion, I tarried a bit longer in the mall to see the gift items that various ladies came up with for their significant half and me wasn’t surprised at the result I got because all I could find in 80% of their shopping bags were boxes and undershirts. Sister of God, your boyfriend or hubby is not an Atilogwu dancer so stop buying him that. It’s not too late to surprise your boo, here are some gift items I came up with that your boyfriend/ hubby would totally love:

  1. A shoe


2. A Wristwatch


3. A Shaving Kit


4. A Wireless Headphone: I met you, he will think of you everytime he wears it.


5. A Book: If you boyfriend likes to read buy him a book that he has been longing to have and he would love you more.


My dear, this is your chance to be romantic, don’t throw it to the wind. Thank me later.

Getting a reply from you is my greatest joy let me know what you think about this post.




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