TRAVEL|| My First Bloggers’ Hangout

Hello beautiful ladies, how did your week go? Well for me I can say I had the most fulfilling week ever. Why? The answer is simple it’s because I am finally doing things for myself. If you can remember I wrote something about doing more for myself this year and I think I am starting on a good note thanks to The blogger point. So I attended a movie hangout organised by The blogger Point on Saturday and we saw a movie titled the blogger’s wife cliché right?16110421_709944982512458_6048896691166248960_n

Well, we were just curious about the movie since we are bloggers. Would talk more about the movie later. On Saturday, @kozamsi, @fashionbydaisy, @royalbiba, @leestyleport and @tofunmidisu were hanging out at Ikeja City Mall based on bloggers thing( Lol don’t mind my famzing) but I enjoyed every minute I spent with these ladies because they were simply amazing in their own way. I look forward to more of this.


The movie blogger’s wife was produced by Seun Oloketuyi and directed by Toka Mcbaror. The movie got premiered on Friday the 10th of February 2017. The story line of this movie is that of deep love and effect of rape and pornography. I salute the producer for his choice of topic as viewers can relate with the issue being discussed.

This movie goes a long way to show that rape victims in our society are still afraid of speaking out loud and getting help even though it’s not their fault that they were raped. The theatre is a reflection of the society and the movie acts as a reminder that a lot still has to be done with laws guiding rape and how victims can quickly heal from such ugly incident.

The movie is about a blogger (Deyemi Okanlawon) who is passionate about his career but isn’t happy with the fact that his wife’s (Ijeoma Grace Agu) was denying his sexual pleasures. The plot grew to the point where his wife ditched him because he forcefully had sex with her. He was, however, unaware that his wife was only denying him sex because she was raped weeks before their wedding and she hasn’t gotten over the experience. The movie ended on a good note as love brought them back together against all odds.
This movie is a must watch for everyone. It’s showing across all cinemas hurry now to see how the plots unfold. Thank me later.

P.S: my outfit was made by St Leo Clothing and I have had it since NYSC days. I chose the outfit because it’s very comfy and my perfect definition of a weekend outfit. (The pictures is showing how I styled it previously.


With a jacket



Without jacket

The Blogger’s Wife is a must watch for everyone. It’s showing across all cinemas hurry now to see how the plots unfold. Thank me later.



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