STYLE|| 5 Modern Ways to Wear A Brooch

Hello, ladies!!

I am still adjusting to owning a blog so for now, I am just putting up contents that I already penned down somewhere before now. The current stat on the blog is really an encouragement for me. Thanks, guys I am super elated.

It’s very funny how I can be very busy about everybody’s business and so lazy about my own. Well, I hope I would turn a new leaf and be more serious with “Kozdiaries” cos, for now, she’s my baby.

Away from that, I would be sharing tips on how to wear and style a brooch. (Too bad I don’t have photos of how I styled it. My phone crashed, so all my photos went with it)

It’s is no longer news that brooches are back for good and they are not leaving anytime soon.  Adding a Brooch to your outfit is an excellent way to accessories yourself and to add a final touch that will complete your look.  One thing that fascinates me about brooches is that they never go out of fashion. Once you buy a brooch you can actually keep it for life (That’s if it doesn’t get broken or stolen) I have also noticed that designers have not been left out of the brooch trend as we saw a lot of outfits this season with brooches.

To cut the long story short, here are my tips on how to style a brooch properly.


  1. . The first way you can style a brooch is with a scarf. This is actually my favourite way of styling a brooch. This method has always been used by both older and younger generations. A brooch on your scarf just gives you the need attention in the right proportion. It is, however, important to note that styling an outfit that is already busy with a scarf and brooch might be tending towards disaster.
  2.  A Brooch on The Collar: The trick is to pick the shirt with the right collar and a brooch that is not so invisible to see. Ensure that the outfit is also plain so that all attention is on the brooch.
  3. Dress up a boring Bag with your Brooch: If you’ve got a plain purse you love to carry from day to night, adding a brooch to the top corner is a great way to carry it out for a dressier occasion.
  4. Add Glamour To your Dress with Your Brooch: Some dresses can just be so plain that you begin to wonder what you can do to make it look extraordinaire. Look no further my sister, the “saviour” has arrived (Don’t mind my language o) Turn a simple dress to a red carpet must have by simply adding a brooch to the back, chest or waistline of the dress.
  5. Spice Up Your Turban With A Turban: This is the most trendy way to use a turban now in Nigeria that is why I saved it up for the last. Everyone is rocking the turban and adding a brooch to make it stand out. Don’t be left out of the game, step up your turban game today by adding a beautiful brooch to it. The brooch gives automatic class nd elegance to the turban without so much stress.
    cap-broochNB: Sometimes, it is advisable not to let you brooch match the colour of your outfit as this might make you look old fashioned.

    I hope I have just taught you and at the same time entertained you? Catch me on social media

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    I love you more than you love you. ***Believe me***


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