LIFE LATELY || How My February Went By

Happy new month beauties!!!

This year is running so fast, imagine we are already in March. I am not one of those that is excited about a new month but I am when there is something special to look forward to in the month. This month is kinda special to me because two important people in my life are born in this month. Please don’t ask who they are. 

The month of February has been an interesting one for me because I officially started my blog and I’m doing more for myself so it’s quite exciting and challenging considering the fact that I have an 8-5 job to tend to. I intend to do more of this recap so that it keeps me in perspective.

Currently, I am;

DOING: My regular content curation for the month for the social media pages I manage. You can check out two of the most interesting account. @mysha_yourbeauty and @sofynig.


THANKFUL TO: God for the fact that I am taking bolder steps and living my greatest fear. I am also thankful for all of the opportunities that came my way in February and the ones that are coming my way in March.

LISTENING TO:  Floroccka’s Marvellous God; Adele’s Hello; Wati’s Abeg and Folabi Nuel’s God of heaven and the Earth. These artists make my day in the office worth it.

WEARING: A random jacket, top and black trousers ( it’s too bad the photo I have is pixilated)


ADMIRING: Every female entrepreneur that has gotten her life together and making the best out of it. You all are my source of strength.

EATING: Jollof Rice and Meat (The bad thing it’s neither Ghana or Nigerian; One day rice will grow on my head) 


READING: Jack Canfield’s How to get from where you are to where you want to be. This book is an eye opener. Every page of the book just helps me place my plans properly.


WISHING: I have more time for myself. My job gets the better part of me. I am also wishing that I would break out of the shell that I am in and explore my environment to the fullest, I wish I could be daring and spontaneous.

ENJOYING: My new life and the all the new information I am exposed to on a regular basis because of the nature of my job.

WANTING: Presently my want list is endless. But a new phone won’t be such a bad idea.

DECIDING: That I would be more serious with reading my PR books and attending lectures

WAITING: For when I would eventually buy a new phone and do more serious things on social media. Also patiently waiting for when I would be a force to reckon with

HOPING: To get surprised soon with something I want the most

CONSIDERING: Starting a hub where young entrepreneurs under age 30 can share their stories

MARVELLING: At how people can be so nonchalant about the children they gave birth to when someone is asking God for just a child.

LOVING: How obedient my hair is. My natural hair is one year and I am loving it every day because I get to learn something new every time its wash day.


 NOTICING: How ignorant my neighbour is and how irrational she can be with her kids especially her girl child.

FEELING: Indifferent and excited at the same time about how my 2017 will turn out.

BOOKMARKING: Blogs, content ideas, social media marketing tips and more blogs

DISLIKING: Office gossip and the fact that I can’t help someone that needs help

HELPING: My mother out with her business and my friend plan her wedding.

PLANNING TO: Become a better version of myself and not compromise for an undeserving thing and people. Also planning to spend more time developing myself and studying for my professional exams that’s in June.


I would like to know how February treated you and what your plans are for the month of March


***Hugs and Kisses***


9 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY || How My February Went By

Add yours

  1. I partially felt un-achieved last month and I am hoping to make up for the lost time and opportunities this month. Knowing that legends are born in March it’s time for my winnings to be birthed.

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  2. I really want the Hub for young entrepreneur………February for me was almost depressing but I have a very good feeling about March. Beautiful hair by the way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also have a good feeling about March… Just be positive. Seriously considering the Hub let’s see how it goes
      Thanks for stopping by


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