TRAVEL|| This Is What You Should Know About Social Media Week Day 2

Hello, beauties!!!

So this week is Social Media Week Lagos and as usual, Landmark Event Centre is packed with young and vibrant people who are seeking for a headway in their career or who want to impact other youths.  The first time I attended social Media Week was last year but because I was new into the business of social Media marketing, I didn’t make the most of my experience. 

This year, I was more than prepared for the week, but unfortunately, my busy schedule won’t give me the luxury to attend the full week even though I am a social media manager and I need this experience more than any other person ( I know it’s  just an exergerration) Did I mention that this year is Social Media Weel Lagos 5th anniversary?

So I was there on Tuesday which was supposed to be #TravelAfrica Day. I met a lot of interesting and fantastic young people who are doing great on their own. Walking up to a random individual for networking has always been a challenge for me but this year I am really working on it and I tink I am improving because I was able to talk to some people and it wasn’t that bad or hard. Looking forward to working with some of the wonderful personalities I met on Tuesday.


  • Never ignore one customer’s complaint
  • You should ask your customers how they want you to improve on treating them better
  • You cannot solve all your customers need with a script because customers are dynamic so don’t be rigid on your ideas.


    • Hyper-connected consumers are not loyal to your brand alone because the difference between brands is not enogh to keep them loyal.
    • You should understand that it’s not about who you are interested in as an entrepreneur but who will use your brand.
    • Instead of seeking impressions or frequency of your adverts seeks reach. Extend your target audience so that more people are reached.
    • It is important to be mentally available to your potential consumer for you to be top of mind choice for them when it’s time for them to make a decision.
    • When creating ADs that your target audience can relate to thinking video but ensure that the video doesn’t exceed 25 secs.
    • Rather than placing Ads based on what you think will work for your target audience, it’s best to follow your consumers on the platforms that they are.


    • Blogging is a powerful tool for communicating your business’ stories. And in essence, that’s what Public Relations – PR – is all about.
    • Traditionally when a company had an announcement to make, they would use a press release via a newswire. Newswires still exist and have a place in your PR, but blogging is the newswire of the digital revolution.
    • A blogger helps you take control of your business narrative


    • Branding is the common belief of people about a product, service, personality and organisation.
    • A strong brand communicates what your company does, how it does it, your way of life and eventually establish trust and credibility.
    •  Your brand identity refers to the various visual elements that are connected by style guidelines to ensure consistency in a company’s name.
    • Consistency allows customers to recoginse who you are and what value your brand has to offer
    • Logos are the core identifiable visual elements that helps a customer discover and remember a brand. The logo must be short, timeless, memorable, appriopriate and versatile.

    Too much business talk right? Well I just thought I should share. Someone might be in need of it.


    Cape: Thrift

    Skirt: A gift

    Shoes: Thrift (I bought this shoe at a ridiculous price I must say)

    What do you think about my outfit?, I hope this post was insightful. 

    ***Hugs and kisses***



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