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LIFE LATELY|| Six Things I can’t Do Without Everyday

Hello, beauties!!!

I hope you’ve all had a nice week! I’ve been busy all week and it seems like I won’t have a work-free weekend. So to kickstart my weekend, I thought I should share with you six things I can’t do without every day.

Prayers: Na me get myself? wey I go talk say I no go pray. Every day I wake up is another opportunity that I don’t want to misuse to I ask him for guidance.The place of prayer cannot be overemphasised. I can say my life is a product of God’s grace.So no matter how late I wake up I must say a word of prayer to God even if it has to be in the bathroom. I thank Him for giving me another opportunity to be alive and also ask God for his protection as I step out for the day.

My Phone: It is permanently glued to my hands and there is no way you won’t see my phone in my hands because it’s on vibration (It’s a Techno torchlight phone) Thanks to the people that said I should do without a smartphone for a while. Sometimes my mum complains that I carry my phone with me everywhere.


My Laptop: A day without a laptop is a slow day. The laptop keeps me updated on things that are happening around the globe especially now that I don’t own a smartphone. With my laptop, I would probably not fall asleep in the most boring seminar ever.



My Glasses: Not going out without my glasses is like leaving my eyes at home. My glasses are my best pal if I want to have a productive day.


Notepad & Pen: Carrying a notepad and a pen is part and parcel of me. Even If I am going to a dinner you will see me carrying them maybe that’s why I’m not so much of a purse fan. I love to write every important thing I think about even the stupid ones, though.


My Family: Specifically my sister, my brother, my mum and Dad. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have those closest to you stand by you to share your good times and bad times.

My Water Flask: This flask is a life saver especially now that the weather is extremely hot and I still have to move around Lagos, It can keep water cold for an average of six hours. Water is very important to the body so I drink water like a fish especially when I am in the sun, the first thing I reach out to when I am exhausted is this bottle instead of looking for a drink to buy. I was extremely happy when my Dad gave me this flask even though some cabals in my house are still seeking for a means to take in away from me.


So there you have it the six things I can’t do without!
Till my next post
***Hugs and Kisses***


4 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY|| Six Things I can’t Do Without Everyday”

  1. hi Koz (im sorry i didn’t see your name anywhere on the blog)
    nice post you’ve got here. I personally can’t function without my phone.
    i’m a first time reader, and your blog is pretty nice. However, there should be a widget that gives your readers a brief intro about you.
    keep up the good work
    thanks and be blessed

    kene’ |


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