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GOOD NEWS || Putting On The Full Armour of God (Guest Post)

Hello, koz tribes!!!

My Name Femi Olayanju but everyone calls me “Kool Fm”, (sincerely I’m cool like that) Today, I would be talking from my heart and I hope this post inspires someone.

Today, I would be talking from my heart and I hope this post inspires someone.

It’s a known fact that the world we live in is full of surprises, ups and downs and men from all generations has struggled to find a way to stay stable in all of this ups and downs. Interestingly some found the way and walked through it faithfully but for others, it’s too simple to be the way while the rest are deceived not to believe that the way is the true way (where do you belong?) Let me share some known facts with you about our existence.

  • It’s now a known fact that there is a being very powerful and undefeatable who is also willing to share his might with anybody who cares to share with him.
  • There are struggles facing all men. These struggles are either man-made (flesh and blood), spiritual forces or both in some situations (the cause of ups and downs)
  • Surprisingly there is a way out (fight against them and win) of these struggles. The easiest thing to do is to accept to share the power of this being who’s powerful and undefeatable by any known force or power.
  • This is possible because He(the powerful being) owns a formidable armour that anyone who wears it (his armour) would be safe. Check out his armour;
  1. Salvation as helmet: Until you willingly surrender your life to this powerful being, his helmet cannot protect your head from all the dangers of this world.
  2. Word of God as the sword of the spirit: You need the word of God at the tip of your fingers because that’s your surest weapon against the world.
  3. Faith as a shield: My brothers and sisters, you can agree with me that a faithless individual will find it difficult to hope for the best in this current economic situation. Only reading about the current rate of unemployed graduates can squeeze hope out of you.
  4. Truth as the belt: You must tie truth around your loins everywhere you go no matter the situation.
  5. Righteousness as breastplate: Be upright in all your doing.
  6. The goodness of peace as sandals: Peace be unto whoever have an encounter with you because you are an epitome of peace.

Putting on the armour of this powerful being is a safe haven for anyone, but that won’t happen until you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this being.
Friends this person I’m talking to you about is the LORD JESUS CHRIST, he is undefeatable and to be undefeatable you need to surrender your life to him to take charge of your life and in return, you get access to this armour and live a stable life amidst all ups and down.


Say this after me:
Lord Jesus, I now know and understand that u are the lord of all, I accept you into my life today to reign and rule. Amen




3 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS || Putting On The Full Armour of God (Guest Post)”

  1. Jesus; the way, the truth and the life itself. When you walk through the right way(Jesus) you will know the truth about everything and you will have a wonderful life. This write up is useful, youthful and well articulated. Well done Kool


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