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LIFE LATELY||15 Things Only Girls With Glasses Understands

Hello, beauties!!!

Welcome to another lifestyle post and I would be talking about something that particularly has to do with people like me. My glasses is part of my life because I am short-sighted. My glasses is the first thing I reach out to as soon as I get up from my bed. I feel comfortable in them and can hardly accomplish much without my glasses. Certain people are glasses people, and I just happen to be one of them. Here are some issues that are peculiar to the “glasses gang” as I love to say.

1. Picking out new glasses is stressful. Choosing The Perfect Pair is so important because the frames you pick will absolutely define you as a person until you get your next pair of glasses. So choose wisely and be true to yourself, or else you will end up with ~trendy~ oversize blocky gold frames that are too embarrassing to even think back on.


2. You have to clean your lenses all the time. This can be tiring especially if you have an oily face like mine.

3. Wearing non-cotton clothing becomes an issue. My outfit is usually my lens cleaner and now you have no way of cleaning your glasses.

4. People assume you’re smart. My level of intelligence is totally independent of the fact that I wear glasses, and no, I can’t figure out how much $20,000 is at the spot, please where is the calculator


5. Doing any kind of sports is so much more difficult.  When we were much younger my mum used to warn my younger sister not to get involved in any kind of sport because of her glasses. Oh, you like to run? Good luck with those glasses sliding down your face. Oh, you like to swim? Good luck seeing with those non-prescription goggles.

6. When people ask to try on your glasses and I reluctantly give them my glasses and pretend to approve but I actually can’t see shit so what’s the point of this whole exercise? Who am I really trying to please?


7. Or when people try on your glasses and say, “Oh my god! I’m going to go blind!!!” I’m pretty sure bad vision isn’t contagious. Even though truly my lenses are so thick.

8. Or when people try on your glasses and say, “Oh my god! You’re blind!!!!” Can I just have my glasses back? Great, thanks.

9. Permanent nose pad indentations, if you have nose pads. I had to stop buying frames with nose pads because of this indentation. Still trying to clear off the semi-permanent marks it has left on my pretty nose.

10. Your glasses constantly slide down your nose, if you don’t have nose pads. It becomes pretty annoying when you are doing something serious and you constantly have to use one hand to lift your glasses back to its original position. (like I’m doing right now)

11. You have to be extra vigilant when the weather changes. If it’s raining, you have to protect your glasses or else you have to deal with cleaning them yet again. If you are cooking, the steam evaporates into your glasses and you have to clean again.

12. You are intimately familiar with this backhanded compliment:You’re so pretty without your glasses!“. This weird compliment makes me tired. My glasses is part of my face (You should have gotten used to it by now). Even my mum says that sometimes as a way of telling me I wear my glasses too often.

Camera 360
Tell me how I’m finer without my glasses

13. You don’t feel like you’re reaching your sexy potential when you’re wearing your glasses. I know I’m still hot but society has made me feel otherwise because I wear glasses.

14. Sunglasses. Option 1: Forgo sunglasses so you can see, but expect to squint in the face of the sun’s mighty rays. Option 2: Wear sunglasses, but avoid doing any activity that requires vision. Option 3: Shell out hundreds of bucks for prescription sunnies that you’ll not always wear because another designer ‘sunny’ is around the corner

15. When you put your glasses down and can’t find them because you can’t see without your glasses. WHERE ARE THEY, DAMMIT. This can be really frustrating. (Only people in my shoes can explain the frustration)


16. You are treated as Fragile because no one wants to pay for a broken glasses. So everyone avoids you as much as they can especially in secondary school.

Which of my frames do you like the most?

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***Hugs and Kisses***



8 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY||15 Things Only Girls With Glasses Understands”

  1. The struggle is real – especially as I’m literally killing my previously perfect eyesight with the time I spend online.
    I feel the greasy lens thing. I swear I don’t touch the lens but the Glasses Ghost puts smudges there when I’m not looking.


  2. I can totally relate with this post!!!! I’ve learnt to accessorize mine so I have different types for different looks and I only use plastic frames, I can’t stand nose pads and I also react to the metal. Lovely post all the same

    Liked by 1 person

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