LIFESTYLE|| What To Do When Rainy Season is Approaching

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It’s getting to that time of the year when the rain keeps pouring down without proper notice and if you live in an area like mine where the tarred roads are getting worse then you will understand the struggle of a car splashing water on your fine dress. In as much as the rainy season can be tiring, I still prefer this season any day any time because the weather is cool and I don’t get to sweat as much.

Because I am a proactive person, I have compiled a list of rainy season essentials that you might need as the season approaches.

Umbrella: This is a must-have for every Nigerian babe especially during rainy season. It could also be useful when the sun is high. It’s preferable you get collapsible ones so you don’t look like you are carrying a walking stick around. I am that black babe that carries an umbrella about not minding who is saying what. During my NYSC days, I had like two umbrellas that I carry about cos the sun in Abeokuta was scorching and could roast boli (Plantain) well.


Rain Coat: I guess you might be thinking raincoat for a fashionable babe like me? But raincoat can be cool if there are not those multicoloured ones our parents bought for us when we were much younger. Raincoat totally shields you from the rain as against the umbrella that exposes your leg to the rain. I am definitely gonna get one of this trendy raincoat for myself when I eventually find the one I like.

JELLY SHOES: Sister, this rainy season invest a rubber shoe and preserve that expensive leather shoe of yours. There are so many stylish rubber shoes now that you won’t know they are rubber until you are told. Last year, I had four of these jelly shoes and I was rocking them like ‘Kilode’. Even after the raining season I still rocked them when I felt like there was a need. If you are looking for cheap stylish rubber shoes then be ready to go on a thrift shopping journey in Yaba or Aswani or any other market close to you.

Everything Water Resistant: If you are someone that can’t do without accessories then you should invest in some good water resistant accessories like wristwatches and handbags. You could also get mini ziplock bags to keep things like your phone and other valuables so that they are destroyed by the rain.

Waterproof makeup: If you are like me that hardly wear makeup then you are fine but if you must wear makeup during the rainy season then you must wear waterproof ones. You don’t want your mascara or eyeliner running all over your face all because you were drenched by the rain.

Do you think I left anything out? What season do you love; Rainy or Dry?

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6 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE|| What To Do When Rainy Season is Approaching”

  1. Hello koz, this is a very nice post you have put up but I think raincoat is a bit wierd. I dunno how wearing a raincoat can become stylish.


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