GOODNEWS || How To Pray Effectively

Currently listening to Hillsong's  What a beautiful name is Jesus and waiting for the rain to stop so I can attend Gtbank Food and drink event. Hello, koz tribe! Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new month! Plus happy international Workers day to my readers that are in the working class category!... Continue Reading →

SKINCARE|| 7 Biggest Skincare Mistakes you Should Avoid

Have you ever had that feeling of going to bed with your makeup on because you are very tired? or that feeling of not applying a moisturiser because the weather is hot and you have oily skin? Well, you are not alone, I also have that feeling. The truth, however, is that this tiny, insignificant... Continue Reading →

GOODNEWS|| 4 Steps To Identifying The Real You

Identity cannot be found or fabricated, but it emerges when one has the courage to let go. Today's topic "Identity Theft" is not the usually identity theft like the one we read during our secondary school days where a man had to take up the name and identity of a dead man he saw on... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY|| Top 10 Things On My Bucket List

The first time I heard of the word bucket list I was probably in my first year in the university and I kept wondering why it was called a bucket list. So as soon as I got into my room, I consulted my dictionary to find out what it means t have a list in... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY ||Pouring My Heart Out

How are you all doing? I have been doing good but I believe I could be better. Why did I say that? Well, I began 2017 with high hopes, plans and dreams. One of the things I said I would do for myself this year is to start a blog and also take my professional... Continue Reading →

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