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LIFE LATELY|| March into April

Happy New Month beauties!!!

I should have written this post long before now but different things just kept occupying my time. It’s not too late to ask how your week went, is it? Mine has been super busy and interesting in a weird way. My plan was to do a photoshoot with some new outfits to accompany this post but that wasn’t possible because of my busy schedule.

So I started this category of monthly recap last month to help me quantify how well or bad my month went.

Click here if you haven’t read my last month review.

So this is how March looked like for me

 Making: To do lists in my note of how I intend to create contents for the brands I manage.

Eating: Nothing. Except water can count for food.
Playing: Nothing. since I don’t own a smartphone (strange right?) and the laptop I am currently using is not mine.
Reading: Myles Munroe’s The power of vision and I hope to do a review about the book as soon as I am done because the book contains a lot of things that are worth sharing.
Grateful: To my parents for supporting me all along.

Knowing: That all things ar working for my good and God is intentional about everything that concerns me.

Wishing: That I had more than 24 hours in one day. Honestly, the hours in one day are almost not enough for me to accomplish all my to-do list for the day.

Enjoying: My Public Relations lectures and all the beautiful information that I am currently exposed to.

Wanting: A new phone badly (an iPhone 6  won’t be such a bad idea)

Deciding: That my happiness is most important to me, so I am ditching everyone that is not contributing to making me happy.

Hoping: To make the best out of every opportunity that comes my way this month of April.

Considering: Changing my job. Not that I don’t love what I do presently, I just want more competition and challenge. (A bigger firm with more professionals) Still considering starting the young entrepreneur hub (Maybe I need a little motivation).

Wondering: Why some people think shouting and ranting will solve a problem?  I don’t believe that shouting is a way to make your view heard.

Marvelling: At how some guys can be so insensitive, egocentric and self-centered.

Noticing: How young teenagers are less concerned about issues that should be top of their mind. I don’t why a teenager should be less concerned about furthering her education and be concerned with the fact that she wants to get married to a guy that is almost twice her age because she believes that if she doesn’t get married to him now, he would leave her for another lady. (Pardon me if you think I’m old school) but for crying out loud she should be writing jamb (UTME) and not in a relationship. But she’s there ordering her parents around and demanding that she gets married before the end of the first half of the year.

Loving: The new me. The woman I am becoming is impressing the girl that I was.

Planning: To take a break from work this Easter so I can rest and do some critical reflection. Critical reflection is one of the things adulthood has taken away from me.

stress af!

This past month has been an interesting one for me. I have learnt so many things that I’m ready to march into April gallantly.
The month of March really wanted me to march as a soldier and not as a lazy lad because I had to shuttle in between my stressful job of creating and managing contents for brands under my care (about 6 of them), I also have the blog to grow which hasn’t been easy. I also had to create time to study because my exams are forthcoming. But look who is marching into April? Oiza!!! (Yea, that’s my name). It really has been real and I’m happy to say goodbye to March.


Big shout out to everyone that has been reading my blog! Every time I see the growth rate of visitors and the people that take time out to comment on a post, I’m motivated to keep writing.

How did March treat you?
Did you actually make progress with some of your goals?
What are you excited about/looking forward to this month as well?
Till my next post Catch me on Instagram and on twitter
***hugs and kisses***



11 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY|| March into April”

  1. March wasn’t so much of a big deal for me. Everyday just went by without me even noticing. But I’am grateful for the little growth and I am looking forward to a better me in the moth of April.

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  2. Abeg I want the gist on the teenager ooh. Sounds so interesting, March was a very awesome month for. Me and April has so far been even better! Funny, me I want a laptop rn hehehe. BTW, IG dm is waiting for ya

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Oyin, Thanks for noticing that tiny detail in my post. The Young entrepreneur hub is actually a roundtable where young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 can come together to share their stories and ideas and to give them a platform to reach out to their target audience. If you are interested you can send a mail to


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