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LIFE LATELY || Engine Girl Chronicles

Growing up I wanted to be an Architect, Astronaut, Judge, Fashion Designer, Insurer(influenced by my dad), in fact, I wanted to be everything but how I ended up an engineer is a story for another day. Being a female engineering student is not among the list of fun things to do in life. I know conventional people think being a female in an engineering class is fun and you get to be treated like a Queen plus your assignments and tough work would be done for you by the guys……………well that’s not so true. It might be true in some schools and department but not in Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Here there’s no QUEEN’s treatment of any form [TBH (to be honest) we are treated unfairly sef].

You can’t do things like leading a group or the class even some of your fellow girls would be against you and the guys that are your classmates expects you to be accept anything they conclude on without hearing your own views.

I’m expected to hustle like a guy for seats in the workshops, I am forced to beg the class rep for the textbooks I paid for with my money (because he wants to settle his guys first before me). The most annoying thing is that I am expected to behave like one of the guys but the guys don’t expect me to behave like them. CONFUSING right? That’s the point where I am right now.

So this is me this is what I face and what I’ve been facing since 2014. This is who I am. I AM

This is who I am. I AM


The Engine Girl


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