Hello beauties, 

It’s a perfect Monday and I am super excited about not having to go to work. 

Welcome to another of my diary session, if you are new here, I say thank you for pushing the click button, if you are a regular reader, I appreciate you for finding time to come back.  The long holiday is almost over and I hope you made good use of it. For me, I spent my time reading, researching, resting and visiting friends. 

The inspiration for this post came while I sat down under a tree trying to meditate, a lady passed by my side and her fingers were filled with rings. This instantly jolted me back into life and I had to take a second look at her hand to be sure I was imagining things. Even after she had left, I couldn’t stop thinking about her hands and why she would wear so many rings and why they were all big. So out of curiosity, I decided to research on how to style a cocktail ring. So here is what I found;

  1. A cocktail ring is worn as a statement piece so if you are wearing one just make a statement with it. Wear a ring that will get noticed and make people stare or talk.
  2. You could wear a single cocktail ring and accessories it with earrings or a ring on another finger. 
  3. A cocktail ring should be worn on your ring or index finger of your right hand.(dunno why though) 
  4. They don’t all have to match. They should complement each other. They are making a statement so matching them might not bring the attention that you want.
  5. Pop out a colour or two from your outfit using the ring and mix these colours with silver and/or gold.
  6. Mix textures in your rings for added wow factor.

Now I know why the lady had too many big rings on her fingers. (lol) 

Do you love to wear cocktail rings? How do you style them?

Till me next post,

***Hugs and Kisses***




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