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LIFE LATELY ||Pouring My Heart Out

How are you all doing? I have been doing good but I believe I could be better. Why did I say that?

Well, I began 2017 with high hopes, plans and dreams. One of the things I said I would do for myself this year is to start a blog and also take my professional Exams in Public relations. I have started both of them but I still can’t find fulfilment. I’m totally enjoying my Public relations classes and I think this year is the best year for me to take this class because if I had taken it in 2013 or 2014, I wouldn’t have valued it like I do now.

On the blogging part, I started a blog because I wanted an avenue to pour my heart out and just write anything I would ordinaryly not write or talk about but I think the excitement is gradually drying up becasue I’m afraid of venturing deeper into the world I love so much.

Yes, I love fashion, style and beauty and I Love to Inspire people but I think I’m undermining myself. The fear of taking risks and what would people say has been stopping me from being the best I can be when it comes to these things. I grew up under a teaching that holds people’s view about you very high. So adventure in respect to clothe styling, travelling, beauty and being opinionated were things that lived only in my head. I dare not make so much fuss about what I love to be.

I thought studying theatre arts would be an escape route but I lived in fear even though I was far away from home. By the time I realised that nobody but me could decide what and Who I wanted to be I was already out Uni.

I can boldly say my job has been a blessing in disguise and I’m grateful for all the opportunites and so I have decided;

To stop making excuse as to why I can’t attain excellence,

To stop being afraid of failing/ falling

To stop being worried about people perspection of me

To stop seeking people’s approval

To stop looking at myself as inferior


Start  embracing myself and all my flaws

Start utilising every opportunity that comes my way

Start accepting compliments and drop mediocrity in the valley so that I can  move on to a Higher Ground like a QUEEN because EXCELLENCE is my HALLMARK

On this note, expect more from Kozdiaries!!!

Till my next post catch me on Bloglovin’, Instagram and twitter

***Hugs and Kisses



12 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY ||Pouring My Heart Out”

  1. Aww Koz, I think it’s normal for the excitement to die down after a while, it happened to me too. What I did was remember how I started and what I enjoyed doing then, this was more beauty and fashion posts. So I started pushing those out more, and it helped seeing people enjoy them like I did. You’re doing great, don’t let fear kick in now


  2. This is by far the most beautiful post I have read today. I definitely understand the concept of finding the courage to do what you liked too late and never feeling like you had the right to do you. This was vulnerable and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This is motivating sis. I’d stop seeking people’s approval and believe in myself. I would stop being afraid of doing what I love. Excellence is my hall mark.

    Keep it up sis,dnt give up on ur ambition.
    Excellence is indeed ur hallmark.

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  4. This is the most vulnerable anybody can be online. You’d go far, girl. You are doing great. I think God orchestrated that I come across your blog today. This post hit me hard and I’m just going to take a cue from you and do better for myself. God Bless You

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