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GOODNEWS|| 4 Steps To Identifying The Real You

Identity cannot be found or fabricated, but it emerges when one has the courage to let go.

Today’s topic “Identity Theft” is not the usually identity theft like the one we read during our secondary school days where a man had to take up the name and identity of a dead man he saw on the street because he wanted a good job, a better life for his family and most importantly the supposed ‘security’ this new name would bring. (Who else read Sizwe Bansi is deadin secondary school?)

The identity I’m going to be talking about is who you are truly meant to be before social media, peer pressure, anger and other factors forced you into taking up another identity.

Learning Who you are

Whether you choose to agree with me or not the fact remains that almost every individual has lost the awareness of his or her true self and is largely because of the fact that social media has made it easier for people to have fault identity. Don’t get it twisted, I’m a great advocate of social media, in fact I live and earn on social media but I have come to know that whatever is been potrayed on social media is not always the reality.  The fact that I can choose what lie to make you believe has made a lot of people have internal crises within themelves because they are struggling to be consisitent with two identities. This personal, internal identity crisis has led to a universal, external identity crisis, which has resulted in an emotional crisis resulting in peacelessness and sorrow in our inner world as well as in the outer world.

This inner identity crisis can be traced as the root of many emotional crises that exist inside us like anger, ego, lust, fear, comparison with others, greed, hatred, low self-esteem, dependencies etc. all of which have brought us and keep on bringing us pain.

For you to fully recover your identity, you must realise that we can’t find fulfilment in ourselves because we were created to reflect the glory of God and, since the main goal in seeking an identity outside of Christ is to bring glory to ourselves, we will never find lasting fulfillment apart from him.

Here is how to resolve your internal Identity crisis;

Learn who you are

Think about all your qualities and characteristics, examine your values and access whether those values have changed over time. Note what makes you uniqque from every other prson and hold on that uniqueness. God never created any two individual alike and He also did not create another without a talent or a purpose so find YOU and just be YOU.

How to find out Who yo are

Allow yourself to go through a process of self-discovery

Figure out what it is that you want most in life, and find a way to work toward that goal from your current self. Don’t let fear or any other thing stop you from being who you were created to be.

Sel discovery quote

Live your values

The values you hold are central to who you are as a person. They help shape your identity in many ways. Never misplace your values with whatever is trending in your generation at the moment.

Self Value Quote

Go Back to Your Creator

You all might not agree with me, but if the serial number of a product is missing only the manufacturer would have the correct serial number. So why not go back to your manufacturer since you are his masterpiece (Eph2:10) for help because it’s only in Him you can find Joy and true identity. God is the only person that can help restore your true identity. For me this is the most important tip. Every other tip I’ve mentioned relies on this point. You et this right, your values and purpose will just fall in place.

My dear, going back to your manufacturer is my best advice for you to recover your identity. Nothing beats that feeling of knowing that you are with someone who will help you recover your identity without being judgmental about the whole process. To begin this process of returning to your manufacturer, you have to make a conscious effort of Saturating your mind with the truth of God’s Word. These words are filled with reminders of His unconditional love for you. He says that nothing can separate you from His love (Romans 8:35).

Why You need God

Well I have no question to ask in this post, but your contributions are welcome. Your comments makes me happy.

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