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GOODNEWS || How To Pray Effectively

Currently listening to Hillsong’s  What a beautiful name is Jesus and waiting for the rain to stop so I can attend Gtbank Food and drink event.

Hello, koz tribe!
Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new month! Plus happy international Workers day to my readers that are in the working class category! This year is gradually wrapping up and I’m grateful to be existing on the surface of the earth. As usual, My Monday post is more about encouragement and inspiration and today’s thought is on prayers.

How to pray effectively

You know those times when your mind is just too heavy for you to actually say a word of prayer to God. Yes? No? Well, I certainly do. Lately, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the stresses of life, and this has led to my inability to pray as much as I want to.

While it’s certain that God already knows our heart desires because he’s our creator and he has already known us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, prayer is still a necessity.

When the going gets though, Pray!
When the journey seems smooth, pray!
When it makes no sense, pray!
When you are happy, pray!
When it’s hard to pray, pray hardest!

The blueprint of prayer


One thing I have noticed is that every time I say a word of prayer in my state of unrest, I feel an overpowering covering of love and assurance that all is already well.
So these are some of the reasons you should pray even if you don’t feel like:

  • When you are praying, you are not only talking to God you are also affirming your faith in his powers. You might not totally agree with me but just a little faith added to that word that you are muttering to God can shift any situation.
  • Talking to God about any difficult situation means you are shifting the battle from a physical one to a spiritual one. When you talk to God, you are giving the Holy Spirit the authority to fight on your behalf. And I have not heard of a case where the Holy Spirit has lost any battle so why not just drop it at his feet?
  • When you pray, all your negative feelings are replaced with God’s peace, love and happiness. I have come to realize that prayer changes my perspective on issues; it shifts my focus from the seen to the unseen.

How to pray

Now that we already know we should pray when we don’t feel like, here are some tips to help you start a prayer when your prayer morale is at zero:

Ask God for the desire to pray.

I do this every time I wake up and don’t have the feeling to pray. I just lay on my bed and say “Lord, Here is Oizamsi increase my desire to talk with you because right now, I really don’t feel like talking to or with you” I really don’t stress my prayer because I believe prayer is an avenue for me to have a healthy conversation with God since I’m in a relationship with Him. So I speak with him as though he is right beside me.

How to communicate with God

Another tip that would help you pray is to read out a written down prayer.

One way or the other, we all have come across devotionals that have prayers embedded in them. This could be really helpful on days when you really don’t feel the need to pray. You can also make use of confessions to communicate your thoughts to God.

How to talk with God

You could also sing aloud to worship songs.

Something I have personally learned about Worship is that it helps connects your spirit with the maker. God loves those who will worship him in Spirit and in truth and God inhabit the praises of his people. Worship a good way to get your prayer mood back. Listening to worship songs and singing aloud has a way reminding me of God’s goodness and helping me to pray. You can check out some of my best worship songs here and here.

worship as a means of prayer


What is prayer to you? How have you consistenly kept your relationship with God amidst all the struggles of this generation?

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