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LIFE LATELY|| What False Nails Have Taught me

Hello beauties,

Welcome to another diary session with Koz. All of you reading this post right now are the bomb. Thank you for taking time out to read my thoughts.

Today, I will be sharing my struggles false nails. Two weeks ago, I was preparing for a wedding and in that spirit of preparation, I decided to get my nails fixed in a bit to look different and girly. Truly, that bit was fulfilled but this is what I have learnt from wearing false nails for one week and counting:

  1. I took being able to do simple things for granted. For instance with this nail, buttoning my shirt is the most difficult task ever. I can’t even eat “Swallow” in peace because I’m wearing false nails. The most annoying bit was when I was trying to open the generator tank to refuel I spent almost 3 minutes doing that. I felt like crying.
  2. Picking up anything has become a great assignment for me. You need to see me trying to pick up a needle from the floor. Mehn, the struggle is real.
  3. Typing on my laptop or phone is no longer easy. As a content curator, I get to type every day of my life and it’s not easy with these nails, for now, I literally pick the keys on the keyboard. It’s still easier with my phone because auto correct is now my best friend. I can’t type a simple sentence now without typos.
  4. Doing the dishes or any other house chores is not funny. My nails have finally brought me to my mother’s black book and she keeps saying “so you can’t wash plate because of fashion abi? Well done”
  5. I now understand what patience truly is. I’m very careful with everything that I do because I don’t enjoy that sharp pain from my finger when I try to wash my clothes in a hurry.

Even with the struggle, I think I will still give it another trial but not immediately though. Does anyone ever get used to false nails?

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***Hugs and Kisses***



9 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY|| What False Nails Have Taught me”

  1. False nails are beautiful, but like you said, they are impractical for everyday chores. I had real longer nails when I wasn’t working, but I clipped all of them last week before I went back to work. Live hearing about your day. Thank you for sharing!


  2. The struggle is real lol! I’ve never done false nails before though, but I grow mine really long and then shape them so they kind of look like false nails. Since they’re my real nails however, I’m used to things like typing, picking stuff from the floor, dishes etc. Washing clothes by hand o, It would be hard for me! My own wahala with nails comes when I paint them, then I feel wary doing things such as eating eba with my hands. I always feel like a bit of the nail polish will come off while eating the eba and then ill eat it all together lol. Painting my nails is just stress. I hope you have better experiences in the future and learn to do more with the fake nails on!


    1. Wow… Thank you for taking time out to read and comment on this post of mine. Really wish I ould grow my nails long but they just keep breaking off. Any advice on what I can do? Thanks again for stopping by the blog. Do find time to come back again.

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      1. Haha I think my long nails is due to genetics, they eventually break off too but they last quite a while before this happens. I don’t bite them though, kicked that habit several years ago. I think thats one way to ensure that they grow. Some people take supplements which grow their hair and nails too


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