LIFESTYLE|| What drives You?

Hello beauties,  

Welcome to a brand new week and the nineteenth week in the year 2017. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend? Well,  I think for the first time in a long time my weekend was restful even though I wasn’t at home throughout but I just felt at peace with myself.  

Today,  I would be talking about what drives you as an individual. This topic dawned on me while I sat at a psychology class yesterday. This class is one of the compulsory courses I have to undergo for me to become a professional public relations practitioner. 

So my question today is what drives you? Is it the escape from the pain of where you are coming from or the excitement of where you are going to?

 It is important for you to think about this critically and own whatever drives you to work on your goals.  Whatever the factor is, you have to own it and not be ashamed of it.  I have come to know that whatever drives you, helps you achieve that dreams or goals faster. If you are not true to yourself you will never live up to your creative self.

For me, I’m driven by both pain and pleasure. Everyday I wake up with the drive to be a better version of myself because where I’m coming from is not palatable and the picture of where I want to be is too exciting for me to relax. I already see myself in the future and I can vividly explain a typical day in my future. The picture of where I’m going has given me the opportunity to look for how I want to get this picture into reality.  

Sometimes we miss up what drives us for greatness as the need to be rich but the truth is money is the means to an end.  Until you realise that what really drives you isn’t the money but the feeling of ownership, of pride and the sense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, if you are not driven to achieve or pursue your goals then it’s either the pain for taking action is greater than the pleasure of achieving them or the pain of not achieving them is not strong enough. 

If you can truly answer the question of what drives you and accept all your weakness and flaws, you are truly set for greatness, wealth and fame. 

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***Hugs and kisses***


17 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE|| What drives You?

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  1. Lovely piece ma, well as an individual we all have what drive us and motivates us to keep going, after reading the write up, i feel much better and I’m more motivated to go after what I want..

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  2. Great post! Definitely an important question to ask ourselves and others. Everyone has different motivations and I think as much as we should focus on ourselves, you bring out the best in other people when you understand their motivation. Especially useful as a leader in any organisation, a parent, an older sibling, a teacher etc.

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