Hello beauties, 
and sleeping. If you have you not seen my post on how to prepare for rainy day as a stylish lady here is it. 

 This post is officially my first product review on the blog and I’m kind of excited about it because to me this means growth. I would be sharing my personal thoughts on ‘Anna Secrets Apricot Exfoliating soap’. 

I got to know about this soap when a fellow blogger did a review on it so I decided to try it out.  

The importance of exfoliating the skin cannot be over emphasised because it helps us get rid of dead skin cells while giving room for new ones.  Exfoliating is also important if you are aiming for a glowing skin. I opted for this soap for the following reasons;

1. The fact that it has apricot in it because of its skin softening effect.

2. Apricot deep cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and blackheads as well as unclogging pores. 


The soap is economical in that it’s not so expensive to buy and one bar can serve you for one month or more depending on how much you later on the sponge. I got mine for 500 Naria at a shopping mall close to my house and I’m sure if I get to the market it might be cheaper. I also love the fact that the soap is still firm after using it for almost a month. 


The soap has a rough feeling while you’re using it directly on your skin because of the extracts of apricot in it. The soap also lives up to expectation as you get that feeling of smoothness and freshness as soon as you are done having your bath.  I personally love the fact that the scent of the soap is not so harsh because I have used soaps that are very harsh to my nostrils.  

On a final note, I think the soap is worth the price and the quality but I think it’s not so good for the skin on my face because I notice that my skin gets too dried after each use. 

Have you changed your soap lately?  Was the soap worth the change?  Would like to know your experience with soaps. 

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***hugs and kisses*** 



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