Hello beauties,

It’s Monday again and I think you already know it’s my favourite day of the week. How did your weekend go?  Mine, as usual, was as busy as a regular weekday but I’m still grateful for the growth. I want to take this time to appreciate everyone that take time out to click on my link, you all are so amazing. The stats are really encouraging.

As usual, my Monday post is meant to put you in perspective for the new week and today’s post is about determination.

I’m sure this is not the first time you are hearing this word so am I, but the real interpretation of the word dawned on me yesterday while my pastor was preaching and I decided to share my deepest thoughts on the word.

Have you ever tried separating the words and interpreting them individually?  “De- termination”.

To terminate is to “end something”. But determination means to “continue or to go on”. I realised lately that it’s the termination that resonates in our minds when we are faced with challenges and all the not so beautiful situations. Instead of us not moving on and pushing ahead when faced with a challenge,  the voice in our head encourages us to call it quit.

 We often listen and hear the voice in our head that says ‘no’ but the truth is you being determined is to set strong feet in the soil of your vision.

You must at be ready to work on the voice in your head that says “no” when you should be pressing on. This week,  be ready to press on against all odds.  Take one step at a time and you will be shocked at how much steps you have taken towards the achievement of your goals.

Have a very productive week ahead remember to slay all the dragons in this week like a Queen.

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Jacket: Thrifted

Shoes: Forever

Neck Piece: My mum Made It

Skirt: Thrifted


***Hugs and Kisses***



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