KINGWOMEN SERIES|| What You Never Knew About TY Bello

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It’s the third episode of Kemi Adetiba’s King Women series and I don’t regret doing this at all. I really appreciate you guys for always taking the pain of reading the long post to the end and leaving a comment. God bless you all.
Today’s spotlight is on TY Bello and I was overly blessed and enlightened by her interview with Kemi. I have always loved this woman; I love her strength, aura and dedication to making people better than she met them (Remember Olajumoke the bread seller transformation? God used TY Bello). So I wasn’t surprised at some of her revelations during the interview. The only thing that actually melted my heart was when she talked about being molested sexually as a child, how someone told her she couldn’t get a bar of cholate because she didn’t have a father and how someone sold her the first father figure which is JESUS. If you haven’t watched any of these King Women series just close your eyes and watch TY Bello’s own and you won’t regret it.


1. Her full name is Toyin Shokefun Bello
2. She was raised by her mother
3. She is a photographer, singer, hair stylist, makeup artist and philanthropist.
4. She has a certificate in beauty therapy and cosmetology from Opral Benson’s Beauty Institute.
5. Ty Bello was the official photographer to the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
6. She was sexually abused at a very young age
7. She embraced salvation and all its benefits at a tender age of 11
8. She had to wait on the Lord for nine years before having her own kids.
9. She loves to transform people lives for better
10. At one point, she didn’t like her voice or anything about her because she felt she was a brick and dirty while other girls were beautiful flowers.

Watch full video here: King Women- TY Bello

So here are a few take homes from this interview:

  • Don’t blame yourself for being sexually abused, Forgive yourself and move on
  • Love yourself the way you are. You are beautiful and authentic the way you are
  • No matter how filthy you think you are, salvation can wash that stench away
  • The fact that nobody openly talk about their abuse doesn’t mean you are the only one that has been abused.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams because you will eventually live every dream you’ve ever had.
  • Everything you pray for would be given to you. You might not get it when and how you want it but be reassured that it will come.
  • What God thinks about you is much more important than what others think
  • If you can find that place of freedom, then you would not really find acceptance from others.
  • In God, you can be unconditionally loved, accepted and beautiful.

Well here is it again! Kemi Adetiba is really doing a great job with bringing this women stories to the limelight. If you are not following this series online please do. I can’t give all of the insight here.

What episode of the King Women series should I review next?

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  1. I just had to drop this here, who would have known this lady went through all of these. Our God is truly ever ready to accept us into his fold. Koz you are actually doing a great job, don’t relent.

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