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LIFE LATELY|| May June Be Good!

Happy New Month beauties!!!

Welcome to the last month in the first half of the year!!! I’m super excited about the month of May finally rolling away (For no particular reasons tho) As much as we are all excited about this new month, I think we should all take time and look inwardly and see how we faired throughout the last five month. If you are doing well, don’t hesitate to give yourself a thumbs up and even if everything is not going as planned don’t give up so fast because there are still seven more months before the end of the year.

It’s Friday and I’m glad that another week has gone. How was the week? Hope you were able to have fun in between?

So here is what I have been up to lately:

Feeling: Excited about what God will do with me before the end of the year. So positive that there’s gonna be a quantum leap for me this year.

Craving: enough plantain and gizzard 

Listening To: Falz and Simi’s Foreign. I have come to love that song particularly because of the way they played with words and how they stylishly dissed people that live fake lives.

Reading: All my Public Relations Textbooks because exams are in few weeks. I have not been able to read anything apart from those books because I’ve been writing series of tests and exams are also knocking.
Grateful: to the almighty God for giving me endless opportunities.

Knowing: the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is from within and it comes from God. It only in God you can be joyful when all things aren’t working as planned.

Determined To: do my best to grow this blog.  This started as something to try my hands on but I’m gradually getting more passionate about it. I have so much dreams for this space now.

Appreciating: All the wonderful people that God has brought my way through social media and reading of blogs.  I connect with so many as if them like we’ve known before. 

Loving: so many trends right now.  The ruffle trend is something I don’t like before but I’ve suddenly fallen in love with it.  I’m also loving all gafasandals spring edition. Wish I could just own one. 

Wishing: That all my plans would just fall in place and I would just find my self on Fiji island.

Big shout out to everyone that has been reading my blog! Every time I see the growth rate of visitors and the people that take time out to comment on a post, I’m motivated to keep writing.

How did May treat you?

Did you actually make progress with some of your goals?

What are you excited about/looking forward to this month as well?

Till my next post Catch me on Instagram and on Twitter

***hugs and kisses***



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