LIFESTYLE|| My Favourite inspirational Quotes.

Hello beauties,

welcome to another fabulous Monday. If you are new here I say thank you for clicking on the link and if you are my regular buddy thanks for keeping in touch.  How was your weekend?  As usual, mine was just as busy as it can be with lectures majorly.  My exams are drawing closer so the intensity of my lectures has increased.

It’s no longer news that Monday is my favourite day of the week because my Monday attitude determines how the rest days of the week will look like.

So today on the blog I will be sharing five of my favourite inspirational quotes.  I hope you find one or all of them inspiring enough to raise you up and put you back on the right track.

1. Whatever your plan is you have to work towards it. So that nothing catches you unaware.

2. You should complain if your actions didn’t produce the desired result but the truth is you’re better that those who didn’t make any moves.

3. Nothing good comes easy. There is always a price for success and greatness be ready to pay it.

4. The only determinant of your success is YOU. You are responsible for your success and failure.

5. Self-motivation is the greatest element in building a successful career or lifestyle.

P.s: If you have not joined the prayer chain going on Instagram, I enjoin you to be part of it because God is raising internet armies for a great revival.  To join follow Nathaniel Bassey to get all the details.

Have a fantastic Monday ahead and make sure you take one bold step towards the achievement of your monthly goals.

Till my next post, catch me on  Bloglovin’Instagram and Twitter

***hugs and kisses***



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