KING WOMEN SERIES|| Life Lessons From Architect Jumoke Adenowo

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Hello beauties,

If you have been following my blog update closely, you will know that today is another day for reviewing Kemi Adetiba’s King Women series and I’m sure everyone that has been following the series can’t get enough of it. Plus I’m so elated about today’s post because Kemi herself retweeted one of my tweets concerning the series.

Today’s post is about an exceptional Woman, this woman is the first female architect I know. She’s not just a female architect she is also an architect with a difference, she is intelligent, confident and funny. Wish I could meet her in person just to hear her perspective on different issues.  As usual, I will begin the post with a brief introduction about the King woman and then dive straight to the life lessons I got from the interview.

Olajumoke Adenowo grew up in the University of Ife with her professor parents. Her mother was a sociology professor and her father a history professor.  Growing up for her was a mixture of fun because she had to travel a lot with her parents and trauma because her mother had to confide in her concerning her dad’s infidelity. She gained admission into the University of Ile- Ife at the tender age of 14 to study architecture and graduated at the age of 19 with a distinction. She began her own business at age 25 and since then she had designed so many beautiful architectural pieces in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

She is an award winning entrepreneur, architect and philantropist with serveral awards like the International Alliance for Women World of Difference 100 Award, the Rare Gems 2007 Award, which is awarded by the Women’s Optimum Development Foundation (WODEF) and the United Nations Information Centre (UNIFEM), for her work with women empowerment and several other awards. The legacy she intends to leave behind is to help define that global architecture that has an African origin.

So here are some of the lessons I was able to take out from this interview.


  • You shouldn’t go into “special zone” with a guy when you are not ready to take it to the level of marriage.
  • Looking for a wealthy man or a beautiful lady shouldn’t be your criterion for getting married because the wealthy and the beauty will fade away what will remain is the character of the individual.
  • Don’t underwhelm a man. A man is a hunter so he needs to go after a price. When you are easily defined and categorised, you can be nullified.
  • You must have a purpose in your life that is beyond your significant half. Once your significant half becomes the centre of your gravity, you are caught, you are finished, and you are nullified.
  • Emotions are not reality. A lot of times what we think is Love is mere infatuation. Give that feeling time to grow and you will see that after a while, it becomes more rational.
  • Not dating at the moment doesn’t make you  unaware of the fact that marriage is important it just means you are not doing trial and error.
  • Be yourself while you are waiting to get married. Don’t let people talk you into belittling yourself as a way to get the right husband.
  • Being yourself will attract the right person who fits into your future if you have to pretend then that man is not worthy of you and never going to allow you to be yourself.


  1. You have to push yourself beyond your limit and capabilities if you want to record success
  2. Volunteering for jobs that won’t bring physical remuneration might seem like a fool business but you are gaining experience and it’s building your portfolio.
  3. You need to discover your purpose very early in life and you need to define where you are headed.
  4. Give your very best wherever you work. Don’t have the mindset that you are working for someone. Own every task that has been assigned to you.
  5. Only as an entrepreneur does your remuneration respond to your input.
  6. The only time you live is when you are willing to die for something because being passionate about something means you are willing to die for it to live.
  7. The way you know your potential according to her: Is the response you get from whatever you put out.

On a general note to women

  • There is a great difference between submission and obedience. Submission is realising you have power and deliberately dropping it while obedience is accepting a rule because you have no power.
  • Power is nothing without control
  • Women need to support women because nobody understands a woman like a woman does.
  • If you are blessed to have three true friends, you can go through anything in life.
  • You need to be careful who you tell your secrets to because women use secrets against each other when they quarrel and you will invariably quarrel.
  • Never see the man as a price because if the man is a price every sister is rival and not an ally because we are fighting for the same price.
  • Marriage is not your purpose. It’s a vehicle to destiny; it’s a vehicle to purpose.
  • The only place it’s always sunny is the desert so if your life is not going be a desert expect a climate change.
  • It’s only that person that created you that can show you want you are really meant for. So be in a cordial and mutual relationship with him.
  • Take a decision and stand by it for your bright future and not for your dismal present.
  • Social media is a lie so don’t ever believe all that’s there instead connect with people on a real level.
  • It’s mediocre people who learn from experience really bright people learn from other people’s experience by studying their lives.
  • Get a mentor. Your mentor doesn’t have to know or meet you physically. Read books of people that you value their life and achievements.
  • Believe in yourself so that the decisions you take are not for your today but for your tomorrow. The decisions you make today will make you tomorrow.
  • Knowledge is acquiring new information but wisdom is knowing the next profitable step to take and knowing when to apply all the information you have.

    I just like this one

I’m not hyping this series but if you have never watched any of the King Women series just watch this episode of Olajumoke Adenowo’s  and thank me later.

Here is the link

Did I mention she’s a pastor and a radio host host? Well she is and the name of her programon radio is “Voice Of Change”

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  1. This woman is a blessing to our generation and there is no doubt about that. I was checking her up on Google and I found your website, so I decided to check what you have written about her. I must say that I’m not disappointed. You are making me watch this king Women series now because all these tips that you shared are deep and shouldn’t be left shallow. God bless you, sis, keep up the good work.

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