LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday

Hello beauties,
Welcome to a brand new week. How did your week go? Well, mine is gradually becoming more hectic than I envisaged. I was barely on social media and my presence on the blog was minimal because I had so many deadlines to meet. Truly, having a 9-5 job and blogging aren’t easy at all. To today business, I’ll be sharing with you how to fall in love with the first working day of the week called Monday.

I have always loved Monday and I’m not sure that’s going to change anytime soon. Monday is the start of a new week so to me, its another opportunity to correct the mistakes of last week or do better than last week. Let me share with you things you can do that will make you fall in love with your Monday.

  • Make your Sunday night count: As an individual, I try as much a possible to be minimal with my activities on Sunday so I can have ample time to sort out my outfits for the week and plan how my week will go in general. For me, Monday is a serious day. I have meetings, analyse things, and have thousands of things to do. It could get overwhelming, but on Sunday, I make my plan and I try my best to stick to it.
  • Be Honest About Your Expectations: Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations and goals. As yourself how realistic the goals and expectations you have set fo the week are because if they are realistic and achievable, you’d long for another Monday to slay.
  • Love what you do: Loving Monday starts with loving what you do. Mindset! If you love what you do at the moment, getting up on a Monday morning would be something you’d look forward to. Let’s say you aren’t living your dreams at the moment, and you just hate waking up in the morning then it’s time to change. Start looking for jobs and activities that you’d enjoy, or start thinking of ways you can change your attitude to work.
  • Find A Way To Learn New Skills: Consider what skills you may be able to improve upon–whether it’s a new technology or professional development. I have come to realise that learning new things is enough motivation to want to start up the next day. For me, the excitement of learning a new thing feels my mind so much that I just want to get up even if my bod is saying otherwise. This became evident when I started taking lectures in Public Relations.
  • Be healthier: Monday mornings are so much easier when you stay healthy over the weekend. Rest when you are supposed to. Prioritise weekend events and only attend very important ones and try as much as possible to eat right. If you put all these in place you will see that you’d jump on your feet when Monday Morning comes. So if you dread Monday because you hate mornings, it’s time to change that with some fruits, vegetables, exercise, and enough rest.

P.S: I wore this outfit for my cousin’s traditional Wedding sometimes ago. It’s my first yellow outfit and I must confess that I’m in love with it even though I was very sceptical at first (Very scared of bright colours) My friend helped with the makeup.

So here you go with my top 5 reasons to fall in Love with Monday.

What do you like about Monday?

How do you stay productive on Monday and all through the week?

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***hugs and kisses***



7 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday”

  1. I try to sleep early all through the week days. This help me rise early and kick start the busy day I usually have ahead of me. That’s my best strategy for making best use of my week.


    1. I wish I could be like you in regards to sleeping early. Even If I go to bed early I’d wake up in the wee hours of the morning to get some work down and then sleep again.Thanks for stopping by the blog.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot I was so scared of the colour yellow but thanks to my mum and her nice words I decided to try it out. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.


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