LIFESTYLE ||How To Achieve Any Goal

Hello beauties,

Welcome to a brand new week and an extended holiday at that. What are you plans for this extra two days and how to do you plan to make the remaining three days of the week as productive as you plan it to be?

If you are regular visitor of my blog, you would have heard me say that Monday is my best day of the week and I’m sure its not changing soon. The idea for this post came while I was on my bed trying to plan how I would utilize my leave of absence from work.

I have realized that a whole lot of times we set goals and don’t eventually achieve this goal because of either procrastination or the fact that we are not armed with the right information or skills for the achievement of the goal. I have also realized that achieving set goals requires self-discipline. Self discipline requires an unwavering attention to our actions and an unrelenting drive for wanting to achieve something big. Here are some steps to achieveing any goal in life. 

Set Specific goal

Whatever your goal might be, you have to ensure that it’s measurable so that it can be tracked.  You also have to be detailed about what you intend to achieve. For example don’t say I want to grow my blog by the end of next year, you should say I wan to grow my blog audience from 50 to 200 by th end of next year.

The goals Should be meaniful

It is not enogh to set specific goals, they should also make a lot of sense to you and to everyone that might come in contact with it. You will always do more to achieve a goal that has a deep-rooted meaning to you than we will to achieve something that’s superficial. I’d advice that you take a moment to write down the meaning that you’re associating with your goals.

Set Goals That Are Achievable

Setting goals that are ahievable makes it easier for you to achieve them. It’s not that I’m saying you shouldn’t dream but the punchline for is that find goals that are big, but not impossible to achieve.

Set Goals With A Timeline 

If you don’t set your goals with a timeline attached to it, ou will just discover that you would eventually not achieve that goal. If you are serious about achieveing a goal, yoiu have to pick a date from the calendar. When you give it a real date on the calendar, you can break it down into monthly and weekly goals. This way, you can chart your progress to determine how far or close you are to achieving that goal.

Evaluate your Progress 

This is one thing that I just began to do. When we set goals we then to forget to evalute our progress as we go. The more meticulous you track your goals, the more likely you’ll be to follow through. When you fail to track your progress, it’s easier to ignore things.

Readjust Your Strategy To Meet Your Goals

Evaluating your progres makes it easy for you to know what strategy is working for you and what strategy you need to dumb.

In conclusion remember that accountability powers you toward your goals.


Skirt, Shoes & Camisole: Thrifted

Jacket: Random Buy at Yaba Market

Neckpiece: Handmade by my mum

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2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE ||How To Achieve Any Goal”

  1. Really like your post about thrifting dated back around april. Can you provide me with directions to some of these places like kantagwua or aswani? Don’t know lagos that well. I reside in Igando Alimosho

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