SKINCARE || 6+1 Edibles For A Glowing Skin

Helo beauties,

How are you all doing? Well my life routine has taken another dimension because of my forthcoming exams. I hardly have time for anything else except my books. It’s so true that studying and working is not so much of an easy task. But apart from the fact that my life revolves around my books, I still have time to researh on things that matters to me like skincare especially when it seem like whatever I’m reading is no longer sinking in. 
Today post is about healthy foods that you can eat to make your skin glow. As against the usual assumption that skincare has to be expensive, I have come to realise that living a healthy life is much more cheaper than trying to cover up the damage that an unhealthy lifestyle has caused. while there are plenty of cosmetics that call themselves “skin food,” the truth is that the key to maintaining a healthy complexion doesn’t come from a bottle. It’s true these cleansers and lotions coud offer that one time remedy but if you want a gorgeous, hydrated skin then you must start from within.

Below are some of the best fruits and vegetables that are not just good for your health but can make your skin glow.


When I was much younger, I used to think of carrot as something that you eat to kill boredom. Yes you read that right. But as I grew older, I discovered that carrot is something that is not just good to eat but it also good for the eyes and good for clearing up breakouts.



I’m not really a fan of pawpaw especially if its ripe and soft but this fruit is said to contain a plethora of active enzymes which pass on their healthy benefits. One enzyme, chymopapain, has been used to relieve inflammationโ€”a common source of skin conditions. And another enzyme, papain, can help remove blemishes and even treat acne when applied topically as the enzyme dissolves pore-clogging fats and cleanses the skin. (Plenty scientific language but I guess you know that what I’m driving at is that pawpaw can help keep inflammation at bay)



As against the myths that we have been fed with that eggs contains bad cholesterols that are not healthy for our skin,the truth is that egg yolk is rich in vitamins that are essential for proper cell function, as well as contain the “beauty vitamin,” biotin. This B vitamin is more commonly known to help hair grow and strengthen fingernails, but research has shown it also helps protect skin from acne, rashes, and even dryness.


This fruit has remained one of my best fruits from childhood. Even when I didn’t know that it was such an healthy fruit I just enjoyed the smoothness of the fruit in my mouth especially when I eat it with bread or yam. Avocado has been proven to hydrate and shield the skin by lowering the risk of premature aging caused by the sun.



My love for greentea cannot be overstated. I love this tea especially for its versatility. I even use it as a tea rinse to stop my hair from shedding and the resut is simply amazing. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Remember not to overdrink this because it contains caffeine that can dehydrate your skin.


When it comes to coconut, nothing goes to waste. The water that comes out of the coconut is as important as the oil itself. As a kid, we used to hustle and wrestle to drink coconut water just for fun not knowing that the water can replenish and rehydrate the skin, making it softer and younger looking. The oil is also excellent for moisturizing the skin. You should opt for this oil if your skin is oily and you don’t want an heavy moisturiser on your skin.


I recently discovered how nutritious oat meal is and I’m currenty embracing oat meal and all its benefits. I even had to change my breakfast routine to oat and eggs because oats is a healthy choice if you are seeking to maintain or loose weight. When used as an exfoliator, oat meal can brighten your skin while removing skin dead cells.


Here we go with some of the best edibles to consume for a healthy skin.

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What other contribution(s) do you have? Have you ever tried using any of these to achieve a glowing skin what was the result?

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***hugs and kisses***


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  1. The one food I’ve never had, nor heard how good it was, was the paw paw. I’ll have to check that one out. What kind of hair rinse do you make with the green tea? Thanks again for another great post!

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