STYLE||Top 5 Summer Trends

Hello beauties,

How is the week going? Today’s post is all about summer. When I was a kid, I never knew summer existed. Yes o, I was raised not to know summer. All I knew was dry season, rainy season and harmattan. And I knew that long holiday that precedes a new class was used to prepare for that class by attending summer lesson. For about the first 15 years of my life, the closest I heard about summer was summer coaching where you wear your best outfits to school.

As I grew older and got exposed to other people’s culture via books, I realised that there are four seasons and from what I gathered summer is the most anticipated.

Summer is the best time to show some skin while looking elegant and beautiful. Today, Nigerians have joined in anticipating summer and this is what necessitated this post.

Here are my top summer trends for people intending to maximise this period to the fullest;


Gingham has always been in style. When I was a kid I saw it as check and laughed at kids that wore it but now it’s a fashion must have. Stuck up your closest with dresses, tops and accessories featuring this fabrics.


Exposed shoulders

From cold shoulder, to one shoulder and off shoulders. These necklines are here to stay. If you haven’t given them a thought then you should consider stocking your closets with these pieces this summer.


Straw bags

Straw bags are a must have for summer slayers. This accessory has gone beyond a simple beach item, you can now switch it with your everyday tote and satchels.



Have you noticed that almost all outfits now come with an Embriodery? Colorful details can add a splash to that simple outfit. You should consider an embriodery jeans, denim jackets, shoes and handbags.



Ruffles are everywhere and I’m seriously digging them. This trend can make any outfit seem better than it originally is.


Which of these trends would you embrace? What other summer trend is in vogue that I didn’t talk about? Please share with me here

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***hugs and kisses***



6 thoughts on “STYLE||Top 5 Summer Trends”

  1. lol…. raining season and Harmattan got my ribs cracking. Of all the trends here, I’m digging the denim embroidery more. They just seem so cool and unique.

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