LIFESTYLE||Work Smart not Hard

Happy new week famz,

welcome to the 30th week of year 2017. Fully how time flies. Just a moment ago we were saying happy new year and penning down new year resolutions but look at where we are now. It’s gradually becoming obvious that we have less than 24 weeks to the end of the year.

Time is an essential part of life and how we make use of time determines the level of our success. Both the rich and the poor have equal amount of time but the difference between these two classes of people is that the rich understand that time wastage could be expensive.

As young adults, we sometimes gets overwhelmed with various activities that we end up spending longer time with the wrong activities. When I just started working as a social media manager and I was responsible for about 7 brands, I found it very difficult to meet with my target because I spend so much to on one brand and before you know it’s 4pm and I say have not posted anything on the other 6 brands.

I’d be sharing with you 6 essential tips on how to effectively manage your time and work smart not hard

Have a plan of what you want to do

Planning ahead is one way to effectively manage your time. I have cried to notice that I work harder and slower any time I don’t plan my day ahead. So it either I write a list before I go to bed or as soon as I wake up. The list covers every thing I’d want to do for the day including the maximum time I should spend on a task.

Complete difficult and important task first

Because you have a list, you can easily point out which is your most important task of the day. Tackle that task while the day is still young. Never be tempted to push difficult and important tasks to later in the day because you might end up not doing them.

Don’t multitask

For any reason what so ever, don’t think doing two or three tasks at the same time will save you stress and time. I’ve been a chief multitasker before I learnt the hard way that multitasking leaves you with several uncompleted task at the end of the day.

Don’t think of your to-do list

One of the easiest way to get yourself overwhelmed is to think of your to do list as bulky. You must understand that no amount of thoughts can make it shorter. Instead of thinking, you should focus on accomplishing the one single task before you.

Spend less time on social media

Yeah, everyone want to know what’s happening on social media but do you know social media could be a great time waster? If you want to work smart not hard try to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media especially Instagram.

Eat and rest well

This might seem like a weird tip but a healthy body is a smart body. If you think sleeping is a way to hack productivity try not sleeping for one week and then compare your productivity level to when you had enough rest.

This one is actually a bonus tip

Learn how to say NO

This is like the hardest thing for me and I’m actually still learning the act of saying no but it’s important you know when to draw the line. Don’t be a good Samaritan at your own detriment. If you know you still have task at hand to complete politely say no to offers that would add to your task.

The goal of learning how to work smart not hard is to be able to enjoy your task or job. This week, your goal should be to arrange your commitments in a way that you’re happy living out the details of your daily life, even while you’re working.

How do you manage your time to meet up with your busy schedules?

Till my next post, catch me on Bloglovin’, Instagram and Twitter

***Hugs and kisses***


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