BLOGGING||My Favourite Blogging Apps

Cheers to the end of the week!!!

I’ve never been this excited about Friday and it’s not like I’ve something fun to do this weekend I’m just happy that the hectic week is finally over.

How did your week go? Guess it was better than mine. I welcome you all to my space. If this is your first time here, I really appreciate your kind gesture and for my regular hommies, I love you all.

Today, I’m sharing my favourite apps. These apps have made the blogging process less stressful and interesting. Some of these apps you are already used to the others are not so popular. These apps are categorized into scheduling, editing, posting and socializing.

Below are my go to apps any day any time;


I was introduced to this app by a fellow blogger (Desmond) and since the introduction, I’ve stuck with it. This app is majorly a photo editing app but I used it to write texts on backgrounds. Still not a pro in using it to edit photos tho but I would keep trying.

After and before


Canvas is a mostly used to add text to images. What I love about the app are the various templates it has and has the exact specification for various social media platforms.




I discovered crowdfire when I was searching for an App to help me reduce the twitter following of a client. After my first interface with this account, I discovered that it can do more than just unfollowing and following twitter followers and following. I used this App to schedule my blog posts on all of my social media platforms and this has greatly increased my stat on the blog.



BlogLovin is great because it keeps me from having to jump from blog to blog online to check out all the latest posts. It consolidates them into one feed and lets me save my favorites to visit later. I can also see who is following, liking, and commenting on my posts as well.


Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I use to source for ideas. This is a hub for creative ideas. There is nothing you are looking for that you wouldn’t find on Pinterest.



This app is by Google and it majorly used to shorten your blog URL. The good thing about the app is that you can track down how many times the link was clicked, where it was clicked and what device was used to view your URL.



Instagram can be huge for bloggers. You grow and develop a following, which brings in traffic, and it’s generally just a great way to push your content out to a more varied audience. Hashtags are something to definitely utilize if you are on Instagram. They are a wonderful way to reach people that might not have seen your content.IMG_20170728_161047.jpg

Which of these apps are you conversant with? Which app do you use that I forgot to mention?

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***Hugs and kisses***

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  1. Out of all these Apps, I’m only familiar with Instagram and I basically use them to upload fun moments. Never knew all of these apps exist. Thanks for sharing tho

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