LIFE LATELY|| Learning To Be Happy+September Links Roundup

Cheers to the weekend and the end of the month! If there is something I truly learnt in the month of September, it's hard to be happy when everything and everyone seems to be working against you. I would say I was a bit depressed throughout this month because of a lot of things that I'd... Continue Reading →

SKINCARE|| Drink Your Way To a Glowing Skin

A glowing skin is something all of us desire so much and we would do anything to have that glow. When I see people with good skin, I’m quick to let them know how beautiful they look because I can guess the amount of work they had put into making their skin look that way.... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 9 Things You Should Start Doing For Yourself

Quote of the day: It’s not selfish to love yourself and to make your happiness a priority. Welcome to a brand new week famz!!! How did you spend your weekend? My weekend was an internal affair as I spent Saturday and Sunday sleeping and reading. (I’m not a scholar like that o, I just read... Continue Reading →

GOODNEWS|| 8 of TY Bello “Spontaneous Worship” Songs That Would Ignite The Worshiper In You

TY Bello is a musician and photographer that I adore so much. She worships from the realm that I wish to understand plus we kind of have the same voice range so it's easy for me to flow in her songs. I've been a fan of her music since the days of "The Land is... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 8 Incredible Quotes To Boost Your Self-confidence

At one point or another, we will all need a self-esteem booster or motivation to keep us going. This motivation could either be internal or external. In this twenty-something years of living on earth, I have learnt that self-love and hope are the key ingredients for giving the world our best. The truth of the... Continue Reading →

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