Welcome to the blog once again famz! How are you guys enjoying the holiday?

Holidays are the perfect time for rest but I’ve found out that we always find a way to indulge ourselves in so many activities that leaves us stressed instead of rejuvenated. I’m very guilt of this too as I find myself fixing up so many meetings and hangouts for holidays. I’ve discovered that as much as we are seeking for growth and self development, we must also find time to rest in between so that we don’t breakdown eventually.

My facial expression here eh!
The idea of rest seem very cool and normal but we eventually don’t get to rest like we ought to. Everyone says they need more rest, but no one tells you how to rest. For me, my idea of rest is lying lazily on a couch and catching up on social media without any form of distractions. Getting that for me is almost impossible because I live with my parents and my mother’s just has a way of interrupting that mood.



So here are some tips to help you rest on this last day of the Muslim inspired holiday;

  • Drink lots of water and mind your business
  • Stay away from things that keeps your mind running
  • Sleep for at least eight hours (it’s not a crime)
  • Give yourself a spa treatment if you can
  • Listen to music
  • Call a friend that would make you laugh



I’m considering starting new categories on the blog and putting an end to onw of the category so I’d like to hear your opinion about this. The new categories are;


Life in Lagos: Where I get to share my experience about living and working in Lagos

Interviews: I’d be interviewing bloggers and young entrepreneurs that are doing well in their chosen career.


Please let me know what you think about these new developments. Your Contributions would be appreciated. Don’t forget to rest as its just few hours to the end of this holiday.

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Blouse: Random Tailor

Skirt: Eko Market

Shoes: Thrifted at a ridiculously cheap price

***Hugs and kisses***


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