LASGIDI TALES|| What Mr Nice Guy Did

Thank God it’s Friday! so glad that this week has finally come to an end. As I prepare to leave where I am, I hope I don’t encounter the kind of traffic I encountered yesterday again. If you live in Lagos Nigeria like I do there are few things that you can easily relate with

  • The annoying traffic
  • The random people that just show up to help you when you are stranded but they actually have ulterior motives
  • The Yellow buses and the well-dressed touts often called Agbero
  • And a mainlander getting lost on the Island
  • Heavy rain and all the buses and bikes would disappear

Welcome to My LASGIDI TALES Section of the blog!

This is my first post in this category and I’m excited about it. This category is just for me to share everything that I’ve experienced in Lagos, Nigeria. So straight to my story. This incident that I’m about to share happened sometimes last year and I still can’t forget the incident.

I met this guy on one of my numerous journey to the Island. I live on the mainland so finding my way around the Island could be very frustrating for me. I was somewhere around Ozumba Mbakwe trying to find out which of the building I was staring out was the right one when this young guy approached me. This guy was neatly dressed, fresh and with well-groomed beards. You know na, the kind of one that would make you conclude that the guy was good to go. He asked me where  I was headed and I was quick to let him know my destination. He offered to lead me as he was heading towards the same direction.

As we walked down the road, We exchanged pleasantries and discovered that we were attending the same event and this kind of made us bond instantly. At the event, we sat together and even talked like we have been friends forever. After the event we exchanged numbers and he promised to keep in touch. No big deal right?

Weeks later, I was at Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall around Surelere on the Mainland when I caught a glimpse of Mr. Nice guy window shopping elegantly. Before I could approach him, he saw me and asked what I was doing at the mall. I had to explain that I was seeing a client. He then requested we hang out after I was done with my meeting.

After meeting o, I rung up Mr. Nice Guy and he appeared instantly. As we were about to start the hangout escapade, my glasses choose that moment to disgrace me, It snapped and broke.

Me: Haa, my glasses just snapped, I need to fix it instantly

Mr. Nice Guy: I’m so sorry about that. I think I know where you can fix it at a cheap price at Yaba

Me: (My brain jumped for joy as soon as I heard there is a cheap place ) Wow, please let’s go

Mr.Nice Guy: You’d have to pay o because I don’t have change.

Me: It’s Okay (In my head it’s just N100 for the both of us so, it wasn’t too much.)

When we eventually got to Yaba, I noticed that this guy knew almost everyone at the market, so I immediately put on my sharp girl cap without making him notice. So we entered a shop and I started bargaining for a new frame

Me: Oga how much be this frame last?

Glasses Guy: Sister na 5k last o

ME: 5k is too much o all I have is 2,500 because I didn’t plan to buy a new frame today (Then I noticed Mr. Nice Guy winking at the Glasses guy)

Mr. Nice Guy: Just buy it and stop doing ala roro. This guy has really good frames and it’s even cheap. How much did you but the designer that you are wearing at the moment?

Me😦still not convinced about the guy’s price) I think we should check another shop

Mr. Nice Guy: No o don’t leave here o. This man has the best frames here, you won’t get another frame at the price he’s giving you.

Me: (My suspicion of foul play at this point had risen) In that case, I’d manage it till I can go to Idumota to get a new one.

Mr. Nice Guy: (At this time his countenance has changed because I said I wasn’t buying) If you say so it’s okay then but can we leave the sun and grab a bite an Ozone?

Me: ok

So we took another keke from Tejuosho in Yaba to Sabo and I had to pay again.


Mr. Nice Guy: What would you take?

Me: Ice cream would be fine, the weather is super hot, I need something to cool my nerves.

So we ordered Ice Cream and we began to scoop and chat. Unknown to me, this guy had not paid. After about 2 hours of talking about career and life in general, I indicated my interest to leave. Then this guy gave me the shocker of my life.

Mr. Nice Guy: You see, You’d have to pay for the Ice cream because I just discovered that the ATM Card I look from the house is the expired one.

ME: (Startled and shocked) I thought you said you didn’t have change? (In my head, what is about to happen here now?)

Mr. Nice Guy: Something like that but I promise to pay you back immediately. I’d do a transfer to your account and even double the amount for all the stress that I put you through today.

ME:(this guy must think I’m Jhonny just come sha is this how I’m going wash plate today for this people?) It’s okay. I brought out my ATM Card and paid the bill of N3,450

As soon as I paid the fees, I just walked out of the mall because I couldn’t fathom how I spent almost 4,000 that I didn’t bargain for. He was trying to catch up with me but I took the next available Bike and disappeared forever.


That is how Mr. Nice Guy thought he had caught a new Maga. He probably thought I was a rich kid or something and wanted to use the opportunity to empty my small bank account. Well, he was wrong.


What do you think of this story? Would you love to see more of this?

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