LIFESTYLE|| 6 Secrets To Fueling Your Creativity

As young adults, it can be overwhelming for us to keep up with our creativity because we tend to be easily distracted or overwhelmed with other things. Even the most accomplished would agree with me that there are times where distractions and stress gets a better part of them, therefore, limiting their creativity. So today’s post would be centred on how to remain creative amidst all distractions.

Welcome to the blog once again. It is always a delight to have someone click on this link and read what I have to say. How did your weekend turn out? What are your plans for this new week? For me, I have the intention of spending less time on social media especially Instagram and more time doing other productive activities like finishing a book.

Don’t get me wrong, social media could be a great place to draw inspiration from and could even fuel creativity but I just want to be on social media when I really have things to do. Below are 6 secrets to fuelling your creativity and remaining productive.

  1. Keep A Journal With You

I don’t know what I can do without a book and a pen in my bag. I don’t care if I’m going to the beach or a party, I always keep a pen and a book in my bag for unplanned ideas. If you are not so in love with a book and a pen, your phone note pad and recorder could be used to record all your ideas as they pop up.

  1. Do Your Task Differently

The idea is to break the routine of things that you in a particular way. If you are used to taking one way home, change your route today and you might see something that would boost your creativity. If you love a particular style of outfit, wear something different. Just make sure you do your regular routine differently.

  1. Collaborate

No matter the kind of industry that you are in, collaboration is one way to remain creative. Surround yourself and try to work with people because the creative energy of others has a way of rubbing off on you.

  1. Learn Something New

The internet has made this pretty easy. Instead of just surfing the internet for fun, take time out to learn something new via You Tube or any other platforms. Keep your skills at its best by making sure that you are conversant with all the latest information in your field or profession. Attending conferences, seminars or workshops are also helpful if you are aiming to remain creative. At such live events, you meet new people and also have the opportunity to trade ideas with a different calibre of people.

  1. Listen To Music and Sing In the Shower

I don’t know about anyone else but this works for me a lot. Listening to music has a way of bringing my head to recognise new ideas and concepts and then singing in the shower just seals the idea.

  1. De-cluster your Work Environment

I can’t even work in a place that is clustered. Like my head will just keep noticing how the scattered the place is and I won’t be able to focus on creating something wonderful. A clean place conjures up your creativity. When the place is clean and free from the unnecessary cluster, you’d be able to hear and see everything that inspires your creativity.

Share with me some of the things you do to remain creative

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