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6 favourite Nigerian FollowersStarting and managing my blog to this very moment is one of the most courageous things I’ve ever done and I mean it literally because I’m someone to overthink a decision and end up leaving the decision undecided. Before finally taking the leap of faith to start my blog in 2017, I had series of bloggers that I was closely following both on their blogs and their social media accounts for inspiration and information as to how to go about the journey I was about to embark on. When I eventually started the blog, these were sort of my go-to tutors (apart from my Google and Pinterest that I was literally living in) till I was able to find my feet. Some of these bloggers are still my favourites and in the course of the journey, I’ve also discovered new bloggers that are also doing amazing stuff in their own space.

Today, I’d love to share with you a few of my favourites bloggers across different niches and I hope you have a fantastic time reading this post and discovering new bloggers.


Princess Sarah Audu

My favourite Nigerian Fashion Blogger

I actually discovered Sarah on Facebook and I was just impressed at how an individual can be so covered up and still be extremely stylish. After following her page for a while, I stumbled on her blog and I was sure that I’ve found someone that I wanted to checkout work outfit inspirations from. She sees her blog as space is where she documents her life’s experiences and talk fashion. I particularly love her style because she’s drawn majorly to affordable Made In Nigeria Brands. Below are two of my favourite posts from her blog;

WanshyGirl: Ebun Bello

Fashion blogger on a budget

The Alaroro Fashionista ( literally translated to mean the frugal fashionista) as she fondly calls herself is one of the first bloggers I stumbled upon when I started researching about how to manage a blog and I totally fell in love with how she shares tips on how to be fashionable on a budget.  If you are not sure of how to the get the best bargain when you go thrifting then you should be a regular visitor of her blog. Check out two of my favourite posts from her blog

MOM BLOG: Toyosi Gregory Jonah

Desire1790 boss

I’m not a mum yet but I just love to read blogs that speak to topics related to parenting, pregnancy and raising a family. One day while I was looking for something new to read, I found my dear mama Toyosi Gregory Jonah and since then,  I’ve bookmarked her page for pre-parenting lessons. I totally love how she mixes fashion, fitness and parenting so well on her Instagram page.  My best posts on her blog are;

FINANCE: Clever Girl Finance

Best Finance blog for a novice in Nigeria

Towards the end of last year, I began to pay extra attention to my finances because it suddenly dawned on me that I was solely responsible for myself and partially responsible for my siblings. Armed with these new perspectives, I began to look for online resources to help me apportion my money right because I prior to now, I knew little or nothing about financial management. I found Clever Girl Finances during my research and she has made budgeting and accounting simpler to a layman like me. She also has dome free online financial courses that you can take to enhance your knowledge of how to handle your finances.  My favourite posts;

BEAUTY: Sike Gbana

Blushes and Brushes Sike

Sike is a lawyer and beauty content creator at blushes and Brushes. I began to take interest in her Instagram page because of perfect eye shadow games. If you know me you’d know that my makeup stops at Powder and Lipsticks but I just love how all her finished looks always seem easy and flawless. Her contents on skin care are beauty products reviews are also detailed and quite resourceful for JJCs (Novice) like me. Posts I totally love from her blog;

FAITH: Crowned In Faith

Christian Blogger you should follow

This is one person I strongly recommend for all young Christians because this platform has been of great help to me. Every single video that I’ve watched are relatable, entertaining and soul lifting. This Youtube Channel was founded by two young female Christians named Lorrancia and Niacerise who met online with the vision to propagate the gospel of Jesus across the globe. They address issues like abstinence, spending time with God, low self-esteem battles and many more. Here are two of my favourite videos from the channel;

Now it’s over to you Which lifestyle blogs should I be reading? Leave your recommendations in the comments and I’ll check them out.

Till I come your way in my next post, Let’s continue our conversation on the various social media platforms;





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  1. Hiya Oiza! Thank you so much for the feature. I really appreciate it. Love the post as well. I can see some of my favourite bloggers made the cut. I’ll also check out the ones I’m not familiar with. Thanks once again.

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