SONG OF THE WEEK|| Give You More By Lawrence Flowers

The primary purpose of our existence on earth is to worship God and it saddens my heart that lots of us think we exist on earth to either make money, marry or have children. Worshipping God is our default setting and every day of my life, I try as much as possible with the help... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 6 Young Nigerian Women Making Global Impact That You Should Know

Permit me to say African women are the most industrious women on the surface of the earth. I wake up every morning more convinced than the previous day that it's a great time to be alive and to be a woman. Forget all the negative talk about this generation of women, the truth is we... Continue Reading →

SONG OF THE WEEK|| No Longer Slave To Fear By Bethel Music

The word FEAR over the years is usually not defined as a single word, different scholars at different times have developed acronyms for the word. The interesting thing is that each of these acronyms somehow explains the true identity of fear. Some of the popular Acronyms are; F.E.A.R: False Evidence Apprearing Real F.E.A.R: Forget Everything... Continue Reading →

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