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GOOD NEWS|| What We See and Watch Affects Our Mind, Stay Woke Spiritually

Good News Translation Proverbs 4:23
Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.

This is one of my favourite scriptures in the Bible and everyday of life, I try as much as possible to stay true with this commandment. Our Imagination is the throne room of our existence and what we think about is truly who we are. The interesting thing is that whether we choose to believe it or not, the external feeds the internal, that is what our mind eventually think about is based on what we see, hear, watch and read. So when God commanded us to be careful of what we think about, He is invariably saying that we should be mindful of the contents that we feed our mind is.

Why we must guard our hearts as believers

Today’s post was inspired by the recent uproar on twitter street about a tweet from a son (Joshua Mike-Bamiloye) of an old-time Christian movie producer (Mike Bamiloye). If you were born in the 90s like me or before the 90s you’d be familiar with this household name that single-handedly preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through movies in Nigeria and West African as a whole if I’m not mistaken. So about two days ago, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye tweeted about the effect of Christians watching a particular series named Lucifer. He emphasizes the fact that as much as the movie seem like harmless entertainment, the storyline celebrates the fallen angel Lucifer and propagates wholesale conversion to the kingdom of darkness. Trust the “woke” people on twitter na, they were quick to the backlash saying that watching a movie isn’t that deep and that Christians should stop trying to guilt-trip people against fun and entertainment.

Below is a screenshot of the real tweet and a link to the whole thread on Twitter.

So here is my personal take on this topic;

As believers living in this generation, we are quick to classify pornography as the only thing that can outrightly pollute our minds but we enjoy movies, books and songs that subtly and boldly promote the kingdom of darkness, we give excuses like; that it’s just the beat we are listening to, it’s not that deep, its just a movie, the book is harmless if you try not to over-spiritualize things and all the other plenty excuse we give to justify what we do. This is not to say that we shouldn’t listen to, watch or read secular books, movies or music because few of them can be entertaining and soul lifting but we must be discerning enough to realize that the devil is now smarter than he was ten years ago. He’s actually moving with the trend in this generation and he keeps updating his software on how to convert more people to his kingdom. He now uses things like movie series, fashion accessories, advertisement, and music to sow subtle seeds into our hearts. This seeds then begin to germinate which now eventually leads to us rationalizing the things of God to accommodate the things of the world. All these activities that we consider harmless actually put a “restraining order” on our relationship with God so we must be watchful of what goes into our mind. For me personally, every time I’m, faced with a situation that requires me to decide to watch, listen or read a secular material, I remember 1 John 2:6 (God’s Word Translation) which says: Those who say that they live in him must live the same way he lived. This for me always put me in cheek because I immediately ask my alter ego if this is what Jesus will watch, read or listen to if He were a youth in this generation based on what I’ve read of him in the Bible.

1 John 2:6

So in summary Here are a few reasons why we should be mindful of the entertainment we consume as believers;

  • The eyes are the passage of light– Imagine watching an advert of pounded yam and egusi soup laced with assorted meat for about 70 times in 24 hours across every media device you own, what do you think you’d be thinking about the day after? Yeah, that’s right, if you see something, you are going to think about it, you are going to like it and you’d eventually go for it. Jesus puts it this way in the book of Matthew

Matthew 6:22-23:

“The light of the body is the eye. Therefore, if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is unclear, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

  • What You watch, listen to and Read Influences Your Action. See we are not God that we can say that we are guarding our hearts but we can still consume endless mind-disrupting secular contents. Whether you choose to agree with me or not but ultimately what you watch, read and listen to influences your choices & opinions. Our opinions are also shaped by the information we receive through our eyes. What we read, what we see helps shape our thinking – and eventually our actions.What Bible Passage supports that Our Mind should be Guarded

So here are a few ways to guard our minds As a Believer in this generation;

  • Guard your heart with knowledge.

“We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way” Colossians 1:9.

The best way is to know God by yourself and this can only be possible if you are ready to study the scriptures to know what God has said concerning an issue because the truth is God has a word for everything. Even issues that we think are particular to our generation has already been dealt with in the Bible.

  • Rely on the Holy Spirit For Help

The truth is our human mind is not all-encompassing and sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So every time you have a nudging to do something, read a book, listen to a song or watch a movie because it’s the rave of the moment, simply ask the Holy Spirit if its the right thing to do. That is why Jesus Sent him, to help us when our own strength has failed.

My final note

Always remember that in Christ, we all have the freedom to choose what we watch. So I’m not saying that we should ban all forms of entertainment because we are believers waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but I want you to know that there are thousands of ways that the enemy is trying to get us to compromise our faith and what we watch, read and listen to is one of his strongest focal points.

1 Corinthians 10:23 (Comtemporary English Version)

Some of you say, “We can do whatever we want to!” But I tell you not everything may be good or helpful.

So What are your personal thoughts are to whether believers should watch Trending series that contains Sex, Violence and Occultism

Till I come your way in my next post, Let’s continue our conversation on the various social media platforms;


5 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS|| What We See and Watch Affects Our Mind, Stay Woke Spiritually”

  1. I saw that tweet and the backslashes through a friend’s status, and was amazed at how Christians can justify nonsense just to feed the flesh. It was an introspective moment for me cause I realise we’re at war, and many of us are so blind by the pleasures of the flesh. We need help.

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  2. This is a powerful post and I’m glad to have read it. I almost got tempted to watch the series on Netflix and I’m glad I didn’t. Satan is finding every means to get as many followers as he can we need to be vigilant. Beautiful write up

    Liked by 1 person

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