Welcome To a New Year and A New Decade

Happy new year fans! And welcome to the year 2020, the year that ushers us into a new decade. I sincerely hope the new year started on a high note for you. For me, I’m gearing my spirit up for the amazing things that will happen to my this new year. *talk about faith in action*

The last ten years for me is something I’m grateful to God for. It hasn’t been the smoothest of rides but when I count my blessings, I’m amazed at how much God has done for me. In the last decade I achieved the following

  • Finished secondary school
  • Started university and graduated
  • Bagged a professional certificate in Public Relations
  • Started the blog
  • Began my career in the Integrated Marketing Communications Industry
Image of a slim girl holding a red bag

All these seem like little things but when I look back at where I’m coming from, I’m grateful for the journey so far and my Confidence the rest of the Journey is renewed.

In all of these, 2019 has got to be my most challenging year ever, I lost confidence in myself at some point and even stopped talking to God. I ran away from everything and everyone and kept on sinking in a whole. I’m grateful to God for the friends He gave to me because they prayed for me when prayers was the last thing on my mind. Towards the last days of last year, I finally had the guts to live again as my hope got renewed.

As we begin a new year and a new decade, I’m very excited and expectant about the things God will do through me and for me. So I step into year 2020 confidently because I know that the who leads the way never leave people stranded.

This year on the blog, I intend to be more intentional and consistent with posting contents on the blog. Avid readers here already know we are all about faith, personal development and social media marketing, but intend to make it more relatable. Expect to see more of people’s personal stories. I sincerely hope these stories help you gain perspective on how to navigate your 20s.

On a final note, personally, I want to be deliberate about the following in this new year;

  • Being kind to myself.
  • Giving more and expecting less.
  • Focusing on being a better version of myself as against comparing myself with others.
  • Stop running from using my gifts and start mingling more
  • Being deliberate about my own happiness because I know happiness is more internal than external.
  • Giving God full authority over my life.

Happy new year once again!!!! Cheers to a new beginning.

Till I come your way in my next post, Let’s continue our conversation on the various socil media platforms;


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