7 Tips That Actually Works To Help You Increase Instagram Engagement

If you use Instagram to boost your business then I'm sure that you may have been worried at one point or the other about your followers or likes count. The truth is likes and followers may not be the perfect metrics to track your growth because these KPIs have been proven to be no so... Continue Reading →

4 Tips I use To Consistently Pray Every Morning

I won't be surprised if the first thing you did this morning was to pick up your phone to catch up on all your social media notifications and emails. If you live in a busy city like Lagos, Nigeria then you might not be in the category of phone checkers because you just jump out... Continue Reading →

How To Find & Target Your Ideal Audience On Social Media As a Small Business Owner In Nigeria

Finding your ideal target audience is the trick to winning on Social Media. Forget that you have an awesome product or a strong brand, If you don't know exactly who your business is for then you are just wasting your time here. It is important that you have a vivid picture of who you want... Continue Reading →

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