7 proven strategies to Successfully Market your Small Business or Personal Brand on Facebook in Nigeria.

Facebook remains one of the biggest social media marketing platforms for corporate and personal brands. Every day, new people signup for an account here so you don’t want to miss out on this. This is contrary to the belief that Facebook is an outdated platform and you should only be found there if your target audience is older people. On here, you get a chance to increase visibility and reach a wider range of the exact target audience that needs the solution you are offering.

I can imagine that as a business owner in Nigeria, you feel like Facebook is a tough ground to market your business because you are constantly worried about what to post, when to post it and how to get the attention of the people you intend to sell to. You may be concerned about how to clearly define and find who exactly needs your product or service on that large platform. This worry is most likely because you see that people hardly interact with branded contents and engagement on a Facebook page is usually lower than a regular Facebook profile.

To help ease your worry on how to win on Facebook as a business owner, I bring to you with so much joy, 7 strategies to help you get your Facebook marketing efforts off the ground.

Set Facebook Marketing Goals

Someone operating a laptop

“He who fails to plan already has plans to fail”. You wonder why I’m pulling such quote for Facebook marketing? Well, everything in life requires planning and selling on Facebook is also not an exception. You need to sit down and ask yourself what you want to achieve on Facebook. I know you might be thinking what else but sales? But I have been sent to burst your bubble by telling you that sales automatically don’t happen on Facebook.

Having a goal in place gives you something to measure your progress against. If your goal isn’t specific, you won’t even know when you have achieved what you came on Facebook to do or pace yourself accordingly. Below are some of the primary Facebook Marketing goals;

  • Increase brand awareness- You want new people to get to know about your business offerings, recognize your logo, products and even your pictures when they come across it online.
  • Increase Community Engagement- You are very interested in engaging and interacting with your new and existing followers.
  • Increase Sales and Lead Generation- Increase the number of people buying from you or signing up on your websites.

It’s important to note that these goals most times follow a chronological order, by this I mean that Your first goal as a newbie on Facebook Marketing will be to increase brand awareness then increase community engagement before sales. Because people buy from people they know and trust and the only way they can come to know you is if you show up consistently on their timeline.

Know Your Audience

illustration of different audience type

Like any other social media platform, you need to be clear about who you want to reach out to and be sure about the following things

  • Where they live; state and town
  • Gender and gender orientation
  • Educational level
  • Influencers they follow
  • The music they listen to
  • Their buying power

This information will help you get a better idea of what to say your target audience and what they would like to read from you. There are basically two ways to find out who your ideal audience is online;

  • If you already have an existing Facebook page, all you have to do is take a look at the analytics. This will provide you with basic information like age, gender, location and devices that the people that interact with your content use.
  • If you are however new on Facebook, you can create a new persona of who you’d like to engage with your post.

For instance; if you sell perfume oil, your persona will likely be a young lady between the age of 21-29 who is either in the university, fresh graduate or an entry-level employee. This individual loves luxury Perfume but can obviously not afford it at the moment. Her best option will be perfume oil. This is affordable and will also give her the opportunity to smell good & expensive.

Engage Your Audience

African man chasing likes

The word ‘Social’ is deliberate and as a brand, you must ensure that you don’t forget to be social on Facebook. It is very important that you map out a plan to aggressively engage with your followers on here. The street of social media is meant for two way communication and you must ensure that it remains so. As you converse with your followers, your aim is actually to build a community of loyal followers who will eventually turn into customers and brand evangelist. All you have to do to encourage audience engagement is to also like and leave comments on their own posts.

I must however warn you that organic engagement is not so easy for Facebook pages. This is because Facebook has built its algorithm in such a way hides posts from Facebook pages. But when you consistently put up valuable posts, you will eventually get the desired engagement.

Below are some of the ways you can increase engagement;

  • Teach, entertain, inform and inspire
  • Use great images
  • Use videos and Live videos
  • Ask questions
  • Use Facebook stories
  • Reply to all comments

Be Consistent With Valuable Content

One known fact is that the average social media user tries as much as possible not to engage with branded contents because they don’t want to be sold to all the time. People want to come on Facebook to be educated about something new, entertained, inspired to try something or be informed. So if your content isn’t doing any of these at the moment then you should go back to the drawing board. The types of video that social media users will generally find valuable are;

  • Link to more information; especially if its something like a story, they want to be fully informed so they will click to know more.
  • Graphics Image educating them. For example, a graphics card explaining how to stay safe during covid
  • Produced Video; most likely a skit or any funny behind the scene video because people love entertainment.

Be active on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have been discovered to be a place that houses different people with the same goal or interest. When youย join a group thatโ€™s made up of people who match your target customer, youโ€™ll have multiple opportunities to improve awareness of yourself and your business by being helpful. So for instance, if you have a product that is targeted at young mothers or women within the ages of 27-45 then you should join groups like Babe redefined and if you are a business owner that wants to be in the hub that has other business owners like you then Hustlers Square is a group to join.

Recruit Your Friends, Family and Employee as Cheerleaders

Don’t throw this step into the bin because this will greatly help you reduce your advert spend. I know that you can continuously propel friends, colleagues and family to share your post on their own feed but this is an example of what will happen if these people help you with sharing your business page’s content on their own feed;

If I put up a post on my Facebook page and my sister, friend and business partner decides to share this post on their individual Facebook feed, this will automatically expose my post to their own friends. Thereby extending my reach and getting more eyeballs on my post. It is important that you have people who will help you amplify your post reach especially when your page is new. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your Facebook page without spending money on the sponsored advert.

Set Budget for Sponsored Adverts

Sponsored adverts don’t mean advertising on Facebook but actually clicking on the “Boost Now” Button that is usually below your post. Paid Facebook advertisements are important for businesses because they allow you to target a specific audience. On Facebook, only a small percentage of your total target audience gets to see your post. If you want more people to notice and know your brand then you must be willing to spend money to boost the reach of your content. It is usually advisable that you boost contents on your page at least once a month so that you are constantly reaching new people.

Are you currently implementing any of these strategies? Are you running any Facebook ads at the moment? Do you need help with coming up with a strategy that works uniquely for your business? Let me know in the comments section below!

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