Five Social Media Posts Every Business Owner in Nigeria should Know About

As a business owner in Nigeria, your foremost thought as you wake up to a new day is most likely be;

How do I get my target audience on social media to buy from me? What should I post today on Instagram?

Ultimately, You’re on social media to sell and selling on the web is about having a good balance between Selling and Serving. If you are drawn towards constantly selling on social media, your feed will contain posts promoting your offering as a service provider or your physical product. And if you’d be a little honest with me, you will agree that such posts don’t receive so much engagement from your target audience. If you are given to Serving, on the other hand, your post will be all about sharing high-value content that serves your community and helps them thrive with your support. But you shy away from selling your products or offerings because of fear- fear of judgment, rejection, failure, even fear of success! You’re afraid to be “sales-y,” so you’re working hard, but not making any money yet.

Don’t get me wrong, neither of these two are wrong! but being aware of where you are at the moment can help you strike a balance in the place where you are lacking.

So who is this post for?

This post is for you if you fall into any of these categories;

  1. You feel awkward talking about what you do. You think that talking about your paid offerings and selling your products will scare people away from you. You will just rather remain in the shadows than Sell yourself
  2. You are looking for tangible ways to position your products and services as the solution to your customers problem. You want to be able to solve your ideal target audience problem without bombarding them with sales contents.
  3. You came to social media to sell because you’ve heard people talk about how this is a great market to catch your ideal audience but you don’t know what to say and how to catch them. Everything here seem a little overwhelming.

If any of these three categories describe you, then you are in the right place. Without further ado, I bring to you 6 social media post ideas that you can try out this week.

Problem, Solution, Offer

This is one approach that rarely fails. All you have to do is to identify the problem that is unique to the target audience you want to reach out to. Make sure your description of the problem shows that you identify the pain they may be feeling at the moment.

Next, teach the solution you believe is the BEST way to solve that problem. You don’t have to even mention that you personally have a solution for them. Just give them a value that is commensurate to solving the problem they have.

Finally, introduce your target audience to the offer that you have that can give them the solution that you earlier mentioned.


Problem: Being a newbie business owner on Instagram can be overwhelming. You are never be sure of how the platform operates and the meaning of words that are used by the numerous IG coaches. I know it is a big struggle for you to understand all features on Instagram.

Solution: The best way to make the best use of Instagram is to actually understand the basic features and how you can use them for the benefit of growing your business. Instead of focusing on selling immediately, you should spend more time reading about the various features of Instagram like Insta-story, IGTV, Boomerang etc.

Offering: If you are ready to win on this platform as a newbie and make the best use of Instagram, you can buy my ebook on the A-Z of Instagram Terminologies. It has been referred to by many as the Newbie Instagram Dictionary. It explains every terms and feature that you will most likely come across. It is also laced with video tutorials on how to use these features to grow your business.

Teachable Moment

This simply means that you share a moment from a recent client conversion. You are supposed to let your audience into the process of how you do what you do. This will clearly showcase your business offerings and also tell your ideal target audience that you are the best fit to solve their similar problem. This is a simple strategy that I personally believe is best suited for entrepreneurs with Service offerings. This does not mean that it is totally useless if you have physical products to sell.

EXAMPLE: Bridal Consultant

Recently, Abiola came to us at Royal Bridals’ that she needed a dress for her big day. We asked her what she wanted and at first, she was really indecisive about her style. So we decided that she came into our studio to have a walkthrough. While she was checking out all the dresses on display, I asked her what her definition of comfort is when it comes to dresses and how she had imagined her big day will look like. She went on about how she thought that Lace fabrics were not her thing and even shared a personal story of how she cried so much as a child when her mother wanted her to wear a lacey dress for a function. At the end of the 1-hour tour, it was clear that she wanted a silk dress with gold embellishments on her big day. At Royal Bridals’, it really not about selling you a dress, we understand that every client is a princess with a unique style, taste and preference. We help you realize your deepest imagination as regards your big day. Call in today for a FREE 30 mins consultation. The link in our bio to reserve a slot.

Success Story

People connects so much with stories especially if they can see themselves in the characters. So you can use this storytelling technique to win the heart of your followers. To strategically use storytelling, you simply have to tell a story of how you or any client of yours made a significant change and reached a goal. The aim of this story is to show transformational nd the results that are possible for others. Don’t forget to draw out the moral lessons of the story because it is a lesson your next customer is in the process of learning!


Today, I want to share a story with you about how important it is to believe in yourself! Sometimes last year during the compulsory Lockdown in my City, I had an idea to write a book about social media marketing but was too scared to even start the writing process. I kept asking myself, who will buy this book when all the information is available on google? After struggling for a while, I decided to just write all the same. After completing the first draft, I decided to run the idea with a senior colleague of mine. During our conversation, we realized the only thing in my way was my own self-belief. We agreed that come what may, I will finish the book and sell it as an eBook before the end of the last quarter of the year. Now, my book is available on Paystack and the response has been amazing! My story is such a beautiful example of how one shift in mindset can help you finally break through and reach your goals.

Share & Offer

The word “free” always strikes the right chord in the hearts of social media users. Nobody turns a blind eye on a freebie or giveaway campaigns. People will always jump on a free offer that aims to solve a problem that they’re seeking solution for. Armed with this information, I will advice that you periodically share value that equips your customer with a knowledge or a tool they need to take action. Give them a tip of the iceberg on a solution to their problem.


From Personal research and interaction with people new to the world of makeup, one obstacle they face is choosing the right Foundation for their skin. I know it can feel overwhelming to choose the right shade of foundation especially if you walk into a stall full of different shades. So here’s a simple 3-step tips you can use to choose the right shade of foundation in 10 minutes.

Step 1: Identify your skin tone. To do this; Check the color of your veins. If they are purple or blue in color then you are cool. If they are green or olive in color, you are warm. But if you are unable to determine the dominant color, you are neutral.

Step 2: Know what coverage level you need. If you hate wearing makeup, you’re going to think a full-coverage foundation feels heavy. If you have acne scars or hyper pigmentation then Full coverage foundation might be what you need.

Step 3: Consider your skin type. Oily skin will need matte foundation, while a dry skin will need something more glossy.

Need help choosing the best foundation for you? Tap on the link in my bio to get a one on one meeting about it today. I promise you’ll never go back to just wandering through the grocery store aisle, throwing any foundation in your cart!

Diagnose the Problem

Ask questions that let your customer self-identify as having the problem your offer solves, and then present the offer as the solution!


Happy Friday! Today I want to hear from you about your social media marketing struggles! How would you describe your social media marketing journey so far? When you think about your goals for business, what stands out as most important: Making more sales, looking great, Great Brand awareness and community engagement, or something else? What feels like the biggest obstacle in your Online Marketing Journey? Content Creation, Identifying my ideal Target Audience, Doing sponsored adverts that converts? When you think about Social Media Marketing in general, do you feel overwhelmed with creating content, or Do you need help with creating a strategy that works? Thank you for answering these questions for me! P.S. If you’re realizing it’s time for a change, I’m have a training that you should totally attend! You’ll be learning how to create a social media strategy that works AND how to create contents from the comfort of your mobile phones. Link is in my bio!

In Conclusion

There you have it; five simple tips to help you step out of your fear. I hope these examples helped inspire you with new ways to lead with value, easily position your offers, and eventually secure all the bags.

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