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BLOGGING|| 5 Instagram Secrets Nobody Talks About

Before I started my career in social media management and Public relations, I wasn't really an Instagram person. To put it frankly, I didn't even understand what was going on there, I thought about it as a place where people just come to be vain since our parents have taken over Facebook. So my post… Continue reading BLOGGING|| 5 Instagram Secrets Nobody Talks About

life lately

LIFE LATELY|| Note To Birthday Girl

Dear Oizamsi, Happy birthday once again! what can I say but remind you to be grateful to the almighty God for making you alive to witness this day in sound health? I'm sure you are so happy to surrounded by people who truly love you and know you for who you truly are. Wait o,… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| Note To Birthday Girl

life lately

AWARD||Mystery Blogger Awards

Hey beauties, How are you all doing? I'm sure you are glad it's Friday and the weekend is finally knocking. Well, today's post is about the Mystery bloggers award. This award was set in place by Okoto Enigma to recognize upcoming bloggers and their efforts in the blogosphere.  I was nominated for this award by Peonies and rubies… Continue reading AWARD||Mystery Blogger Awards

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LIFE LATELY|| July 2017 +Links Roundup

Hello beauties, it's finally the e7nd of the month of July and I'm glad that this month is found over. I'm super expectant about the month of August because it's my birth month. Yes, my birthday is loading and the truth is I'm just learning to be enthusiastic about birthdays. Today is Monday and it… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| July 2017 +Links Roundup

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GOOD NEWS|| Promise Keeper

Long time no see and happy new month to you all.  I have just been away from here for a week and it seem like ages.  I apologize for eloping without any prior notice but studying for my exams has taken the better part of my life.  Can't wait to be done with the exams… Continue reading GOOD NEWS|| Promise Keeper