LIFESTYLE|| 3 Red Flags To Look out For In Any Friendship

Ideally, relationships and friendships are supposed to be source of happiness but it always not so. The right set of friends should be your happy go to place when all chips are down and you need a shoulder to cry on. Our friends are supposed to share our good times and be a reason for... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY|| Why I’ve been MIA from the Blog

Hey People! Long time no see 😘😘 I've honestly gotten to this point where I feel bad for apologizing for my appearing and disppearing act. I want to blame my constant absence on work and life happenings but I've learnt that somehow we always make out time for things that are so dear and important... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY ||This Girl, where have you been?

Hello there, welcome to the month of February this is often called the month of Love. My prayer is that may we find love in everything and everyone around Us. This is officially the umpteenth time I'm clearing the cobwebs off this space but the honest truth is life has been happening to me. Adulthood... Continue Reading →

Welcome To a New Year and A New Decade

Happy new year fans! And welcome to the year 2020, the year that ushers us into a new decade. I sincerely hope the new year started on a high note for you. For me, I'm gearing my spirit up for the amazing things that will happen to my this new year. *talk about faith in... Continue Reading →

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