Beginners Guide To Setting Up Instagram Business Account

Do you know that there are over 25 billion business profile on Instagram? Do you that at least 80% of Instagram users follow a least one business? Well my friend, that is enough reason to want to open an account on Instagram for that small business of yours. I know its not everyone that understand... Continue Reading →

SOCIAL MEDI|| 4 Things You Should Do Before Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy As A Corporate Or Personal Brand

P.S: This article first appeared on LinkedIn It's no news that Social Media has come to stay as an integral part of marketing and public relations and if you as a corporate organization or a professional has not fully embraced it, then you might as well be thinking of getting out of business in the... Continue Reading →

SOCIAL MEDIA|| 5+1 Instagram-Story Features You Should Know & How They Help Grow Your Side Hustle

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown from primarily a photo sharing app for teenagers to a hub where brands and business owners can easily engage with their audience. For me personally, I think that Instagram is a viable platform for any brand or business owner to develop and sustain a relationship with potential... Continue Reading →

SOCIAL MEDIA|| 5 Things A Brand Is; Why You Need A Brand And Not Just A Logo

Today I have come to burst your bubbles about what you think a brand is and I'm going to be unapologetic about it. Follow me through this post as I correct a lot of misconceptions about branding. I beg of you don't be quick to discard this post because you feel like you do not... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| Allow Me to Introduce You To Piggy bank.Ng; An Online Saving Option You should Be Using

Growing up as a child in Nigeria, my mother bought a wooden box that had a tiny hole on top of it known as Kolo in Yoruba language and Piggy bank in English to teach us how to save. This box can't be opened until the date you set for it because opening the box... Continue Reading →

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