10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With You

Hello fams, How are you guys doing? I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes that you all sent and I must repeat here that I’m overwhelmed with the love. Thanks so much. I’m sure you’d be asking why I;m doing a post on a Tuesday? Yea I was supposed to put up two posts… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With You


LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl

Dear Oizamsi, Happy birthday once again! what can I say but remind you to be grateful to the almighty God for making you alive to witness this day in sound health? I'm sure you are so happy to surrounded by people who truly love you and know you for who you truly are. Wait o,… Continue reading LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl

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This is not my regular post, it was necessitated because people have been constantly reaching out to me concerning the upcoming ABA 2017 that is slated to hold later this month so I decided to share what I know about it here. Aba is a festival that is celebrated every six years by the Anetuno… Continue reading ALL ABOUT ABA FESTIVAL 2017


LIFESTYLE||Lesssons From Blogging and Having a 9-5 Job

  Currently listening to Asa's Ilu and munching Minimie Chinchin Welcome to my blog fams, Yes, I now see you guys as a family! How is your week going? Well, I'm basking in positivity and throwing away all form of negativity. So today, I'm sharing 5 lessons I've learned from owning a blog space and having… Continue reading LIFESTYLE||Lesssons From Blogging and Having a 9-5 Job


My Favourite Blogging Apps

Cheers to the end of the week!!! I've never been this excited about Friday and it's not like I've something fun to do this weekend I'm just happy that the hectic week is finally over. How did your week go? Guess it was better than mine. I welcome you all to my space. If this… Continue reading My Favourite Blogging Apps