SONG OF THE WEEK ||Where Are You Now oh Lord? (Look Up Child By Lauren Daigle)

Have you ever wondered where God is when all the bad stuff happen? Have you thought about why He didn't show up when you lost your job? Where was God when your loved on died? Or why didn't he do anything when He saw that you were coming to this world with a disability? Or... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| Adulting 101; 5 Things Nobody Told Me About Being An Adult

The first time I asked my mum if it was possible that I visited a friend's house, she asked me to write the name and address of the person I was going to see and why the visit to their house would be of benefit to me. In a bit to make sure that this... Continue Reading →

SOCIAL MEDIA|| 5 Things A Brand Is; Why You Need A Brand And Not Just A Logo

Today I have come to burst your bubbles about what you think a brand is and I'm going to be unapologetic about it. Follow me through this post as I correct a lot of misconceptions about branding. I beg of you don't be quick to discard this post because you feel like you do not... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE||My All-times Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers

Starting and managing my blog to this very moment is one of the most courageous things I've ever done and I mean it literally because I'm someone to overthink a decision and end up leaving the decision undecided. Before finally taking the leap of faith to start my blog in 2017, I had series of... Continue Reading →

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