#GIRLBOSS SERIES 3|| I Had A chat With Esther Omikunle of The Esthitude Place

After a long break from my #GirlBoss Series, I finally had the courage to interview another person and I must tell you that this post is one that would be worth your time. This is the third episode in this series and you can catch up on my chat with Grace of Epiphany 29 and... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE||7 Reasons Why You Should Be Keen On Self Development

If you know me personally or you are a regular reader of the blog, you'd know that I'm very keen about personal development, personal growth, self-improvement or whatever English phrase that describes improving yourself as an individual especially as a lady. I'm passionate about self-development and I feel like as young women in our twenties... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY|| What I Have Been Up To

Quote of the day: It's going to be hard but hard is not impossible. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Is this your first time here? I want to say thank you for trusting me enough with your 3 minutes. This is a personal space of mine where I har tips on how to... Continue Reading →

SKINCARE|| Drink Your Way To a Glowing Skin

A glowing skin is something all of us desire so much and we would do anything to have that glow. When I see people with good skin, I’m quick to let them know how beautiful they look because I can guess the amount of work they had put into making their skin look that way.... Continue Reading →

LASGIDI TALES|| What Mr Nice Guy Did

Thank God it's Friday! so glad that this week has finally come to an end. As I prepare to leave where I am, I hope I don't encounter the kind of traffic I encountered yesterday again. If you live in Lagos Nigeria like I do there are few things that you can easily relate with... Continue Reading →

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