SONG OF THE WEEK|| In the Middle of a Storm? It’s Time You Raise A Halleluyah!

Sometimes in January during one of my usual YouTube watching spree, I stumbled on a song by Bethel Music titled "I raise a Hallelujah". I immediately switched my interest to the song because it was from one of my favourite band and I wanted to hear what message they had for me again. After about... Continue Reading →

#GIRLBOSS SERIES 3|| I Had A chat With Esther Omikunle of The Esthitude Place

After a long break from my #GirlBoss Series, I finally had the courage to interview another person and I must tell you that this post is one that would be worth your time. This is the third episode in this series and you can catch up on my chat with Grace of Epiphany 29 and... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 6 Strategies I Use To Stay Productive

Do you constantly struggle with distractions in your life? Do you wish you could increase your productivity, but not sure how? These 6 simple strategies will help you get more done in less time! P.S: Images in this post are handmade brooches and hair accessories made and photographed by me. If you have ever thought... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 5 Ways To Enjoy A Long Holiday In Lagos

It’s going to be a long weekend and I think my spirit, body and soul needs this much-awaited break. It’s the week set aside to celebrate the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians all over the world mark this celebration, I would not be sure a good idea to... Continue Reading →

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