LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl

Dear Oizamsi, Happy birthday once again! what can I say but remind you to be grateful to the almighty God for making you alive to witness this day in sound health? I'm sure you are so happy to surrounded by people who truly love you and know you for who you truly are. Wait o,… Continue reading LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl


LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits

Hey beautiful, Welcome to a brand new week and it's officially seven days to my birthday!!! How did your weekend go? I had a very eventful weekend for the first time in a long time. I was at the Lekki Conservation centre and it was an experience I can’t forget in a hurry. The high… Continue reading LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits


LIFE LATELY|| July 2017 +Links Roundup

Hello beauties, it's finally the e7nd of the month of July and I'm glad that this month is found over. I'm super expectant about the month of August because it's my birth month. Yes, my birthday is loading and the truth is I'm just learning to be enthusiastic about birthdays. Today is Monday and it… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| July 2017 +Links Roundup

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LIFESTYLE|| The Act of Gratitude

Hello beauties, This is officially my first post in the month of July. If this is your first time here, then I welcome you heartily to my space. As for those of you that have stuck with me, I'm overwhelmed by your love and your constant visit to this tiny space of mine. Truth be… Continue reading LIFESTYLE|| The Act of Gratitude


LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week. How did your week go? Well, mine is gradually becoming more hectic than I envisaged. I was barely on social media and my presence on the blog was minimal because I had so many deadlines to meet. Truly, having a 9-5 job and blogging aren't easy at… Continue reading LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday