LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week. How did your week go? Well, mine is gradually becoming more hectic than I envisaged. I was barely on social media and my presence on the blog was minimal because I had so many deadlines to meet. Truly, having a 9-5 job and blogging aren't easy at… Continue reading LIFESTYLE || 5 Way To Fall In love With Monday

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My Favourite inspirational Quotes.

Hello beauties, welcome to another fabulous Monday. If you are new here I say thank you for clicking on the link and if you are my regular buddy thanks for keeping in touch.  How was your weekend?  As usual, mine was just as busy as it can be with lectures majorly.  My exams are drawing… Continue reading My Favourite inspirational Quotes.

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Hello beauties, It's Monday again and I think you already know it's my favourite day of the week. How did your weekend go?  Mine, as usual, was as busy as a regular weekday but I'm still grateful for the growth. I want to take this time to appreciate everyone that take time out to click… Continue reading MOTIVATION || Just Go On 

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Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week! I'm so excited about the birth of this new week not because of anything special but because I just want to be positive about everything.  How did your weekend go? Well I spent mine attending lectures and planning for the new week. Today I would be talking… Continue reading ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING