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LIFE LATELY|| 10 Things I’m Grateful For Today 

Welcome to the month of February! I'm sure we are all excited to have left the never ending month of January? Well I'm too. I can't wait for all the goodies that February has planned for me.  The act gratitude is something we all have to learn and learn thoroughly and I must say that… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| 10 Things I’m Grateful For Today 

life lately

LIFE LATELY|| May June Be Good!

Happy New Month beauties!!! Welcome to the last month in the first half of the year!!! I'm super excited about the month of May finally rolling away (For no particular reasons tho) As much as we are all excited about this new month, I think we should all take time and look inwardly and see… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| May June Be Good!

life lately

LIFE LATELY|| March into April

Happy New Month beauties!!! I should have written this post long before now but different things just kept occupying my time. It's not too late to ask how your week went, is it? Mine has been super busy and interesting in a weird way. My plan was to do a photoshoot with some new outfits… Continue reading LIFE LATELY|| March into April