SONG OF THE WEEK|| In the Middle of a Storm? It’s Time You Raise A Halleluyah!

Sometimes in January during one of my usual YouTube watching spree, I stumbled on a song by Bethel Music titled "I raise a Hallelujah". I immediately switched my interest to the song because it was from one of my favourite band and I wanted to hear what message they had for me again. After about... Continue Reading →

SONG OF THE WEEK|| Give You More By Lawrence Flowers

The primary purpose of our existence on earth is to worship God and it saddens my heart that lots of us think we exist on earth to either make money, marry or have children. Worshipping God is our default setting and every day of my life, I try as much as possible with the help... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 6 Young Nigerian Women Making Global Impact That You Should Know

Permit me to say African women are the most industrious women on the surface of the earth. I wake up every morning more convinced than the previous day that it's a great time to be alive and to be a woman. Forget all the negative talk about this generation of women, the truth is we... Continue Reading →

GOODNEWS|| 5 Strategies I Used To Improve My Personal Bible Study

As young Christians, we then to be carried away with living a normal life of meeting end means that our relationship with God begins to suffer. We get out of bed every day in a rush because we have to meet deadlines, beat traffic and hustle like we say in Nigeria here and totally forget... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 5 Tips For The Overwhelmed Nigerian Youth

The post is first a note to myself and then to every member of the Koztribe that would find this post useful to them.  I'm sure the title of the post has suggested to you that I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and this is one of the reasons why my consistency on the blog has... Continue Reading →

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